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Ferrocarril Alcoy Gandia

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Ferrocarril Alcoy Gandia

Ferrocarril Alcoy Gandía was a Spanish railway line in operation from 1892 up until 1969. It was also known as la chicharra (Spanish) or xitxarra (Valencian).




The rail operator, founded in 1882 was the English company Alcoy y Gandía Rail and Harbour Co Ltd, with offices both in Alcoi and London. Several investments of this type were made by English companies in Spain during the late 19th century, and typically in smaller cities. In this case, the main motive for the investments were to promote export of coal from England to the growing industry of Alcoi.

Railway construction was supervised by the English company Ravel Lucien Company.

The maiden voyage took place July 18, 1892.

The line had connections with the Railway Company Villena to Alcoy and Yecla (V.A.Y.) sharing material and facilities, according to a contract signed on 13 October 1908.

The total length of the line was 53,355 m, with a height of 530 m between Alcoy and Gandia.


The stations and halts were located in the towns of: Puerto de Gandia - Gandia harbour (0 km); Gandia (3 km); Almoines (7 km); Beniarjó (9 km); Potríes (11 km); Villalonga (14 km); Lorcha (27 km); Beniarrés (34 km); Gayanes (37 km); Muro de Alcoy (43 km); Cocentaina (46 km); Alcoy (53 km).


The locomotive park consisted of 8 type 1-3-1 steam locomotives manufactured in Manchester by the firm Beyer & Peacock between 1890 and 1891. Each locomotive was named after a station.

Locomotive number 2 "Villalonga" has been preserved in the parc in Al-Azraq of Alcoy, which was the terminus of the line. Locomotive number 7, "Cocentaina" is in the parc of the station of Gandía.


There is museum in Almoines, run by Asociación Tren Alcoy-Gandía. The current chairman José Morales and the current secretary is Isidro Ferrando.


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