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Ferret Music

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Country of origin  United States
Founder  Carl Severson
Parent organization  Warner Music Group
Official website
Founded  1996
Ferret Music wwwmetalarchivescomimages236623669label
Genre  Metalcore, post-hardcore, hardcore punk, heavy metal
Location  West Windsor, New Jersey
Headquarters  Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Distributors  Fontana Distribution, Entertainment One Distribution, Alternative Distribution Alliance
Artists  The Devil Wears Prada, Every Time I Die, Madball, Killswitch Engage, Misery Signals
Albums  Dead Throne, With Roots Above and Branches, Come Clarity, Hot Damn!, Gutter Phenomenon

Obm record label ferret music

Ferret Music is an American independent record label, founded in 1996. The label is owned in part by NORA's vocalist, Carl Severson, and in part by Philadelphian artist manager Paul Conroy, and based in West Windsor Township, New Jersey. Ferret recently started an imprint called New Weathermen Records. Warner Music Group's Alternative Distribution Alliance acquired a stake in Ferret Music in August, 2006, and as a result is currently distributed by Fontana Distribution, Alternative Distribution Alliance and eOne Music.


As of September 12, 2007, Ferret partnered with an uprising extreme metal and hardcore punk label out of the UK, Siege of Amida Records (S.O.A.R.). S.O.A.R will retain A&R responsibilities. In February 18, 2010 Carl Severson and his business partner at Ferret and ChannelZERO, Paul Conroy, announced their departure from the company to start Good Fight Entertainment, a management company with music and sports divisions along with a new record label. As of December 2015, Ferret's official website has not been updated in over six years, adding to speculation that the label is defunct. According to Scott Mellinger, lead guitarist for Zao, Ferret Records sold out, while Severson went on to start Good Fight.

Madball heavenhell ferret music

Past artists

  • 36 Crazyfists (active, on Spinefarm Records)
  • A Life Once Lost (disbanded)
  • A Static Lullaby (active, unsigned)
  • All Chrome (status unknown)
  • Annotations of an Autopsy (disbanded)
  • Blood Has Been Shed (disbanded)
  • Boris The Blade (active, on Century Media)
  • Boys Night Out (active, with Good Fight Music)
  • Burnt by the Sun (disbanded)
  • blessthefall (active, on Fearless Records)
  • Cataract (active, on Metal Blade Records)
  • Chimaira (disbanded)
  • Dead Hearts (disbanded)
  • Disembodied (active, on Good Fight Music)
  • The Devil Wears Prada (active, on Rise Records)
  • Elysia (disbanded)
  • Eternal Lord (disbanded)
  • Every Time I Die (active, with Epitaph Records)
  • For the Love of... (status unknown)
  • Foxy Shazam (active, with I.R.S. Records)
  • From Autumn to Ashes (active, unsigned)
  • Full Blown Chaos (active on Ironclad Recordings)
  • Funeral for a Friend (disbanded)
  • Gwen Stacy (disbanded)
  • Harvest (active)
  • Heavy Heavy Low Low (disbanded)
  • Hellmouth (active, on Paper+Plastick Records)
  • In Flames (active, with Nuclear Blast Records)
  • Ice Nine Kills (active, with Fearless Records)
  • Johnny Truant (disbanded)
  • Killswitch Engage (active, with Roadrunner Records)
  • Knights of the Abyss (on hiatus since 2012)
  • Luddite Clone (disbanded)
  • Ligeia (on hiatus)
  • LoveHateHero (disbanded)
  • Lower Definition (disbanded)
  • Madball (active, with Good Fight Music)
  • Martyr A.D. (disbanded)
  • Maylene and the Sons of Disaster (active, Independent)
  • Misery Signals (active, with Basick Records)
  • NORA (active, with Good Fight Music)
  • Poison the Well (on hiatus)
  • Remembering Never (active, with Dead Truth Recordings)
  • Revolution Mother (on hiatus)
  • Scarlet (on hiatus)
  • See You Next Tuesday (Active, unsigned)
  • Shadows Fall (on hiatus)
  • Skycamefalling (disbanded)
  • Suicide Note (disbanded)
  • The Banner (active, with Good Fight Music)
  • The Break (disbanded)
  • The Bronx (active, with White Drugs)
  • The Hottness (disbanded)
  • The Rise (active, with ReIgnition Records)
  • Torn Apart (active, unsigned)
  • Twelve Tribes (disbanded)
  • Underneath the Gun (disbanded)
  • Upon Disfigurement (on hiatus)
  • xBishopx (active, with Dead Truth Recordings)
  • Waking the Cadaver (disbanded)
  • Zao (active, currently unsigned)
  • S.O.A.R. artists

  • Against the Flood
  • Ageless Oblivion
  • Annotations of an Autopsy (Also on Nuclear Blast)
  • Ancient Ascendant
  • Armed for Apocalypse
  • As They Burn
  • Awaken Demons
  • Belial
  • Betraeus
  • Cult Cinema
  • Dead Beyond Buried
  • Demoraliser
  • Diskreet
  • Dripback
  • Dyscarnate
  • Eradication
  • Heart in Hand
  • Ingested
  • Martyr Defiled
  • The Breathing Process
  • The Bridal Procession
  • TRC
  • Waking The Cadaver
  • Past S.O.A.R Artists

  • A Girl a Gun a Ghost (disbanded)
  • Belie My Burial (active, unsigned)
  • Chaos Blood (disbanded)
  • Chase the Sunset (formerly known as Endurance of Hate)(Active, Unsigned)
  • Clone the Fragile (disbanded)
  • Dignity Dies First (disbanded)
  • Forever Never (active, Unsigned)
  • Impending Doom (active, with eONE music)
  • Implosive Disgorgence (disbanded)
  • Knights of the Abyss (on hiatus)
  • Last House on the Left (Active, Unsigned)
  • My Cross to Bare (disbanded)
  • Rose Funeral (active, with Metal Blade Records)
  • The Adept (active, unsigned)
  • The Irish Front (disbanded)
  • The Partisan Turbine (disbanded)
  • The Plasmarifle (active, unsigned)
  • The Red Death (disbanded)
  • The Red Shore (disbanded)
  • Titans (disbanded)
  • Viatrophy (disbanded)
  • Wecamewithbrokenteeth (disbanded in 2008, reformed in 2009 and then disbanded again in 2010)
  • Whitechapel (active, with Metal Blade Records)
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