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Ferhan Şensoy

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Nationality  Turkish
Name  Ferhan Sensoy
Genre  Black comedy
Role  Playwright
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Born  Osman Ferhan Sensoy 26 February 1951 Carsamba, Samsun Province, Turkey (1951-02-26)
Occupation  Playwright, actor, writer
Spouse  Derya Baykal (m. 1988–2004)
Books  Kalemimin Sapini Gulle Donattim, Denememeler
Children  Neriman Derya Sensoy, Mujgan Ferhan Sensoy
Parents  Yusuf Cemil Sensoy, Mujgan Sensoy
Movies and TV shows  Pardon, Muhalif baskan, Son Ders, Sans Kapiyi Kirinca, Varsayalim Ismail
Similar People  Derya Baykal, Cagatay Ulusoy, Mert Baykal, Munir Ozkul, Tayfun Guneyer

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Ferhan Şensoy (born 26 February 1951) is a prominent Turkish playwright, actor and stage director.


Ferhan ensoy ile s yle i

Personal background

Ferhan Şensoy was born in Çarşamba, Samsun Province, where he attended Gazi Osman Paşa Preliminary School. His mother, Müjgan Şensoy, was a primary school teacher and his father, Yusuf Cemil Şensoy, was the mayor of Çarşamba. He started his secondary school education at Galatasaray High School in 1961 and completed it in Çarşamba High School in 1970.

Ferhan Şensoy ARV ODASI Ferhan ensoy 1991 BBC Trke

He started his education in architecture at Academy of Fine Arts and interrupted in 1972 when he began his theater training at Ecole supérieure d'art dramatique, Théâtre national de Strasbourg in Strasbourg, France. After his graduation, he returned to Turkey in 1975. He went to Ulaş, Çorlu in 1982 and later Harbiye Orduevi, Şişli, Istanbul in 1982 for his military service, which he completed in 1984.


Ferhan Şensoy Ferhan ensoy Sinematurkcom

Şensoy married Derya Baykal in 1988. The couple had their first child, Müjgan Ferhan, in 1989 and their second child, again a daughter, Neriman Derya, in 1990. The couple divorced in 2004.

Early work

Ferhan Şensoy Ferhan Sensoy Alchetron The Free Social Encyclopedia

Having started writing at a very young age, Şensoy's first poems and stories were published in periodicals such as Yeni Ufuklar and Soyut. By the time, he was in tenth grade, one of his short stories, Kusura Kalmayın Dalgındır Hüsam, had already been published by November 1968 issue of Yeni Ufuklar. His first sketches were put on stage by Devekuşu Cabaret in 1970.

One of his early plays, Je M'en Fous Bilader, had been played by the amateur theatre group he formed called "Galatasaray Oyuncuları" with the support of Haldun Taner. He joined "Grup Oyuncuları" as a professional theatre actor playing in Ayfer Feray Theatre in 1971. The same year, he had his first professional director experience with the play Güm Güm Güm with İsmet Küntay, Paravana Cabare.

Europe and Canada

Ferhan Şensoy Ferhan Sensoy Alchetron The Free Social Encyclopedia

He played in De Moise A Mao and worked as an assistant of French theater director Jérôme Savary in Magic Circus in 1973. Later that same year, he has written his first play, Güle Güle Godot (Godot Go Home) and Proche-Orient Lointain ! (Near East is Far!), a collage play using scripts of Turkish writers such as Nazım Hikmet, Fazıl Hüsnü Dağlarca and Yunus Emre that are translated into French.

Ferhan Şensoy Ferhan ensoy Kimdir Bilgiustam

In 1974, he played at the Théâtre national de Strasbourg in Les Ressources Naturelles of Pierre Laville and worked as an assistant of Andre Louis Perinetti.



° Magic Circus / From Moses To Mao - Actor and assistant to director Jerome Savary (Strasbourg)
° First play put on stage by Devekusu Cabaret in İstanbul: Haneler (The Houses)


° Theatre National De Strasbourg / Les Ressources Naturelles Actor and assistant to director Andre Perinetti
° In Montreal, Canada Theatre Patriote, puts Ce Fou De Gogol (That Crazy Gogol) written by himself, on stage.


° In Montreal, Theatre De Quatre-Sous plays and directs the musical Harem Qui Rit (The Laughing Harem), written by himself.
° The radiophonic version of Ce Fou De Gogol is broadcast on Radio Canada.


° In Istanbul, Dur Konuşma Sus Söyleme (Stop Talking Say Nothing) at Ali Poyrazoglu Theatre (writer and actor)
° Actor and director at the Türk Yazarlari Theatre (Istanbul)
° Actor at Nisa Serezli-Tolga Askiner Theatre (Istanbul)
° Short plays put on stage by Devekuşu Cabaret (Istanbul)


° First book published : Kazanci Yokusu (Kazanci Street)
° First film : Kizini Dövmeyen Dizini Döver (Take Care Of Your Daughter)


° In Istanbul established Anyamanya Kumpanya Theatre with Mete İnselel. Directs and plays in İdi Amin, written by himself.
° TV plays (writer and actor) in TRT.
° Ayfer Feray Theatre (Istanbul) (Actor and writer)
° His play Bizim Sinif (Our Class) is put on stage at Ali Poyrazoglu Theatre (Istanbul)
° Tuncay Özinel Theatre puts his play Askin Gözüne Gözlük (Eyeglasses For Love) on stage.


° Sizin Dershane (Your Classroom) TV play (Writer and actor) in TRT.
° Directs and plays in the musical Hayrola Kayrola (The Story Of The Bed), written by himself at Ayfer Feray Theatre.


° Establishes his own theatre ORTAOYUNCULAR ; writes, directs and plays in Şahlari Da Vururlar (They Kill Shahs Too) (Istanbul) (Avni Dilligil Award) (Dergi 13 Award)
° Bizim Sinif (Our Class) is put on stage by Tuncay Özinel Theatre (Istanbul).


° Writes, directs and plays in Kahraman Bakkal Süpermarkete Karsi (Brave Grocer Against Supermarket)
° The book Sahlari Da Vururlar is published. (Tiyatro-81 Award)


° Establishes Nöbetçi Theatre with an amateur group and performs Dürrenmatt's play Great Romulus.
° Writes, directs and plays in Kiralik Oyun (Play For Rent) ° The book Afitap'in Kocasi Istanbul (Istanbul, The Husband of Afitap) is published.


° Military service


° Writes Anna'nin Yedi Ana Günahi (Seven Main Sins of Anna) based on Bertolt Brecht's seven poems and directs it.
° Writes and directs Fırıncı Şükrü, Deli Vahap Ve Ötekiler (Şükrü The Baker, Vahap The Mad, Nuri And The Others).
° Şahlari Da Vururlar is put on stage again.
° The book Gündeste (Day-book) is published.
° Puts Afitap'in Kocasi Istanbul on stage at Nöbetçi Theatre.


° Puts Hayrola Kayrola on stage again and takes part actor.
° Directs Eşek Arıları (Bees) by Aristophanes.
° Writes the scenario of the film Kösedönücü (The Rouge), which he directs and performs as an actor.
° Puts Çehov'lardan Bir Demet (A Collection From Cehov) on stage at Nöbetçi Theatre.


° Directs and plays İçinden Tramvay Geçen Şarkı (Tramway Passing Through A Song) which he had written, based on the life and the Short plays of Karl Valentin.
° Writes and plays in the TV play Şey Bey (Mr. Somebody)
° Writes the scenario of and directs the film Parasız Yaşamak Pahalı (It's Expensive To Live Without Money)
° Writes the scenario of the film Bir Bilen (The One Who Knows) and directs and plays.
° The book Ayna Merdiven (Mirror Stairs) is published.


° Writes, directs and plays in the Muzir Müzikal (The Irritating Musical). The play is highly criticized by the conservatives and is taken to court. Şan Theatre, where it is performed, is burned down suspectedly after the 77th performance of the play. He is sentenced to 21 days of prisonary.
° Writes, directs and plays in one-man show Ferhangi Şeyler.
° Writes, directs and plays in the TV play Varsayalim İsmail in Show-TV.


° Writes, directs and plays in Istanbul'u Satiyorum (I'm Selling Istanbul).
° Puts Keşanli Ali Destani (Epope Of Ali Of Kesan) by Haldun Taner on stage at Istanbul Municipal Theatre (Ulvi Uraz Award) (Sanat Kurumu Award) (Nokta-Doruktakiler Award)
° Translates, directs and plays in Don Juan İle Madonna (Don Juan and Madonna) by AncaVisdei.
° Married with Derya Baykal.


° Writes, directs and plays in Suyut Padisah (The Abstract Emperor) (Anni Dilligil Award) (İsmailli Dümbüllü Award) (Nasrettin Hoca Humour Award) (Ministry Of Culture Award) (Hey-Girl Award)
° Inherits the Kavuk, which is asymbol of traditional Turkish theatre continued for ages from the time of Kel Hasan, from Münir Özkul.
° His book Düşbükü (Bay of Dream) is published.
° Restores the building of the historical Ses-Operet and opens the theatre named Ses 1885.
° Birth of his daughter Müjgan Ferhan Şensoy.


° Puts Kahraman Bakkal Süpermarkete Karşı on stage, the second time.
° Writes and directs Yorgun Matador (Tired Matador) based on the life and stories of Pierre-Henri Cami.
(Nokta-Doruktakiler Award) (Altan Erbulak Award)
° Plays Ferhangi Seyler in Paris.
° Plays in the film Büyük Yalnizlik (Great Loneliness) with Sezen Aksu directed by Yavuz Özkan.
° Birth of his second daughter Neriman Derya.


° Writes, directs and plays in Aşkımızın Gemisi Fındık Kabuğu (Our Love Sailing In A Nutshell-Boat) based on a short play by Cihan Öksüz, an amateur writer from Ünye, a town in the Ordu Province.
° His play Istanbul'u Satiyorum (I'm selling Istanbul) is being translated into English.
° His one-man show Ferhangi Seyler arrive to 725th performance.
° Writes, directs and plays in Güle Güle Godot (Bye Bye Godot!)
° The book Kahraman Bakkal Süpermarkete Karşı is published. (Nokta-Doruktakiler Award)


° His book Ingilizce Bilmeden Hepinizi I Love You (Without Knowing English, I Love You Everybody!) is published.
° Writes, directs and plays Köhne Bizans Operasi (Opera Of The Overdue Byzance)
° Plays Ferhangi Seyler in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.


° Writes again, directs and plays Parasiz Yaşamak Pahalı (It's Expensive To Live Without Money).
° Puts Şu Gogol Delisi (That Crazy Gogol) on stage, his wife Derya Baykal plays. (Avni Dilligil Award) (Altin Objektif Award)
° His books Güle Güle Godot (Bye Bye Godot) and Denememeler are published.


° Transforms a ship into theatre, writes, directs and plays in this ship-theatre Seyircili Seyir Defteri at the Bosphorus. ° His one-man show Ferhangi Seyler arrive the 1000th performance. (Ismail Dümbüllü Award) (Altin Frekans Award)
° Writes again his first play Haneler and directs in National Theatre Of Antalya.


° Writes, directs and plays in Üç Kurşunluk Opera (Opera of Three Bullets).
° Shows up on a live chat program called Aksam Tıraşı (Evening Shave) on Flash-TV.
° Writes, directs and plays in the one-man show Felek Bir Gün Salakken (One Day When Fate Was Stupid) and makes the world premier starting from his birthplace Çarsamba playing with an Anatolian Tour.
° Writes, directs and plays (with Ortaoyuncular) in TV series called Boş Gezen Ve Kalfası (The Tramp And His Assistant) for Kanal-D. (Ministry Of Culture Award)


° Translates, directs and plays in Aptallara Güzel Gelen Televizyon Dizileri (Femme-Sujet by Anca Visdei)
° Felek Bir Gün Salakken is exhibited in London and Paris.
° His book Oteller Kitabi (The Book On Hotels) is published.
° His play Güle Güle Godot (Bye Bye Godot) is translated into Russian.


° Aptallara Güzel Gelen Televizyon Dizileri is exhibited in London two times.
° Fictiates a play including scripts, stories, sketches and songs of Haldun Taner called Haldun Taner Kabare and plays in play which is put on by Derya Baykal.
° Ferhangi Seyler reaches the exhibition number of 1230.
° Felek Bir Gün Salakken is exhibited in Amsterdam and Brussels, Belgium reaching the number of 300th exhibition. (Most Successful Communication Award)


° Writes, directs and plays the play called Çok Tuhaf Soruşturma in Ortaoyuncular.
° Ferhangi Seyler is exhibited in Amsterdam and Brussels.
° His book Falinizda Rönesans Var is published.
° Redirects and plays in Parasız Yaşamak Pahalı in Ortaoyuncular.
° Writes and directs his wife Derya Baykal's one-man show: Şu An Mutfaktayim.


° In the theatre group Oyun Atölyesi, directs and makes the decoration of the play named Dolu Düşün Boş Konuş written by Steven Berkoff.
° Writes, directs and makes the musics of his one-man show named Ferhan Sensoy TV on The TV channel CINE-5. (June 1999 Communicator Of The Month)


° Adapts, directs, plays and makes the decoration of the play called Fisne Pahçesu which is an implementation of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard; he adapted it as a contemporary Black Sea story.
° Ferhangi Seyler reaches the exhibition number of 1400 and Felek Bir Gün Salakken reaches the exhibition number of 450. (Avni Dilligil Best Director Award)


° Writes, directs and plays Sahibinden Satilik Birinci El Ortaoyunu with Ortaoyuncular, which he also makes the decoration. His daughters Müjgan Ferhan Sensoy and Neriman Derya Sensoy take part as their first professional acting experience.
° His book Kalemimin Sapını Gülle Donattım is published.
° He plays Ferhangi Seyler the second time in London for the 1447th time and Felek Bir Gün Salakken for the 455th time.
° Writes, directs and appears in Kökü Bitti Zikkim Zulada with Ortaoyuncular.


° Writes, directs and plays Kahraman Osman with Ortaoyuncular
° His book Rum Memet is published.
° In November, he writes, directs and plays Biri Bizi Dikizliyor with Ortaoyuncular.


  • Aşkımızın Son Durağı (The Last Stop of Our Love), premiered on March 11, 2006
  • Kiralık Oyun (Play For Rent), premiered in 2005
  • Uzun Donlu Kişot (Quixote, the Long Underpants), premiered on March 31, 2004, staged also in 2005
  • Beni Ben Mi Delirttim (Have I crazed Myself), premiered on October 24, 2003
  • Fişne Pahçesu (Cherry Orchard), a parody-adaptation of Anton Chekhov's play.
  • Felek Bir Gün Salakken (One Day When Fate Was Foolish)
  • Ferhangi Şeyler (Ferhanish Things)
  • Güle Güle Godot (Bye bye Godot)
  • Şahları da Vururlar (They Shoot Shahs As Well)
  • Films

  • Muhalif Başkan (2013), actor
  • Son Ders: Aşk ve Üniversite (2008), actor
  • Pardon (2005), screenplay and actor
  • Şans Kapıyı Kırınca (2004), actor
  • Büyük Yalnızlık (1989), actor
  • Bir Bilen (1986), actor
  • Parasız Yaşamak Pahalı (1986), actor
  • Köşedönücü (1985), actor
  • Kızını Dövmeyen Dizini Döver (1977), actor
  • Aşk Dediğin Laf Değildir (1976), actor
  • TV

  • Varsayalım İsmail
  • Boşgezen ve Kalfası
  • Published works

  • Başkaldıran Kurşunkalem
  • Seçme Sapan Şeyler
  • Karagöz ile Boşverinbeni
  • Elveda SSK
  • Hacı Komünist
  • Eşeğin Fikri
  • Rum Memet
  • FerhAntoloji
  • Kalemimin Sapını Gülle Donattım
  • Falınızda Ronesans Var
  • Oteller Kitabı
  • Denememeler
  • İngilizce Bilmeden Hepinizi I Love You
  • Güle Güle Godot
  • Kahraman Bakkal Süpermarkete Karşı
  • Düş Bükü
  • Ayna Merdiven
  • Kazancı Yokuşu
  • Gündeste
  • Afitap'ın kocası İstanbul
  • Şahları da Vururlar
  • Projects

  • Nuh2
  • References

    Ferhan Şensoy Wikipedia

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