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Abbreviations  2,4,5-TP
Density  1.21 g/cm³
Appearance  White powder
Formula  C9H7Cl3O3
Melting point  181.6 °C
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What does fenoprop mean

Fenoprop, or 2-(2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy)propionic acid, is an herbicide and a plant growth regulator. Fenoprop has been banned from use as an herbicide in the United States since 1985. The name Silvex was used in the USA. The name 2,4,5-TP is used in France and was used in the former USSR (2,4,5-ТП).


Fenoprop was once used as an herbicide for control of woody plants and broadleaf weeds.

How to pronounce fenoprop


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