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Feng Lei

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Traditional Chinese  豐磊
Hanyu Pinyin  Feng Lei
Jyutping  Fung1 Leoi5
Name  Feng Lei
Simplified Chinese  丰磊
Wade–Giles  Feng Lei
Yale Romanization  Fung1 Leui5
Role  Soldier
Feng Lei e13884jpg
Died  August 15, 1962, Anshan, China

Feng Lei (丰磊), born in 1987, is a professional basketball player from China. He currently plays in the forward position for the Bayi Rockets, a Chinese Basketball Association team based in Ningbo.

Feng Lei Chinese Communist hero Lei Feng not beloved by US cadets

Feng Lei httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenff3Lei
Feng Lei e1313jpg
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Feng Lei The spirit of Lei Feng lives on


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