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Felthurtigskyting (literally Field Rapid Shooting) is a practical rifle competition popular in Scandinavia, where the shooter has to engange three different targets placed at different distances with one shot each in the shortest time possible.


Competitions are arranged by Det frivillige Skyttervesen (DFS) in Norway, Svenska Skyttesportförbundet (SvSF) in Sweden and Danske Gymnastik- & Idrætsforeninger (DGI) in Denmark. Felthurtigskyting is one of the disciplines in the Nordic Championship held each year.


Maximum 6 rounds can be used, starting from the standing position with the rifle loaded and the safety catch applied. The shooting position is freestyle, but generally the prone position is used. At the command "Fire" the shooter disengages the safety catch and assumes firing position. The targets used are two «Småen» at maximum 150 meters, and either a 1/3 target at maximum 275 meters or a 1/4 target at maximum 225 meters. The two nearest targets must be shot before moving to the farthest.

Approved rifles

Used by civilian shooters:

  • Krag-Jørgensen
  • Mauser M67
  • Sauer 200 STR
  • Used by military personnel:

  • AG-3
  • HK416
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