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Fatum Aeternum

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Years active

Gothic metal, Doom metal


Record label
Fatum Aeternum

Associated acts
Ancient Tale, Gevolt, Eternal Grey

Steve GershinEvelyn ShorGeorge Falk

Past members
Olga BravermanZe'ev GutIlya SurninAlexey YudinVadim SchuhmannRivka AizenbergMark MuzykantKirill BeznosovTal LeshetzDan YoffeIgor ShermanVadim WeinsteinIgor May

This Dream is Dead, The Darkest Hour

06 01 2017 desmodium fatum aeternum in tel aviv trailer

Fatum Aeternum (lt.: "Fate Eternal") is an Israeli rock and metal band, founded in 2006. The band went through major line-up changes during its first years, until the current line-up formed. Up to date, the band released 3 EPs, 1 full-length album and a Maxi-Single, including international collaborations and performances. The band shared the stage with bands like Waves under Water, Diary of Dreams and Apoptygma Berzerk.


Fatum aeternum false freedom

Early history

The band first gathered as a folk band consisted of Steve Gershin (mandolin, bass and vocal), Ze’ev Gut (fiddle and vocal) and Olga Braverman (flute and vocal), describing them as renaissance metal, due to frequent use of renaissance and medieval motives, played in a metal-crossover style, using such instruments as mandolin, fiddle and flute. The very first line-up was completed by Iliya Surnin (drums), Dan Yoffe (guitar) and Rivka Aizenberg (viola). The band became immediately active with live performances, which offered them an invitation to a music Festival at the Sea of Galilee, Kursik 2006, which was a popular event arranged by and for the Russian-speaking community of Israel. During the years 2006-2009, Steve Gershin wrote songs and worked on them with the constantly changing line-up, performing in various venues in Israel. Olga decided to quit the band in 2007, followed by the departure of Ze’ev in 2008. He remained a good friend of the band, participating in various concerts and recordings as guest musician. For reasons of practicality and economy, Fatum Aeternum changed from being a fully live band to become a partially live band, with all keyboards and classical instruments recorded onto a backing tape.

Dark Glamour and hiatus

During that time, the EP “Dark Glamour” was recorded in pop rock/synthpop genre, which surprised the band’s audience. The next unexpected twist was the desire of Steve to perform no matter what, which he achieved by doing intimate acoustic performances around Israel, accompanied by different musicians each time. Later, Steve stated that the reason for the instability was the desire of each band member to be in the center of attention, which failed to be fulfilled. In 2009 Steve got tired of the instability in the band, and decided to disband Fatum Aeternum.

This Dream is Dead

Steve decided to record songs that were played during the years, in order to create a “memorial album”, which was well reflected on this release. Eventually, the album became a fresh start for the band, characterized by stable line-up. Dan Yoffe and Igor Sherman were invited to play the guitar parts, and Evelyn Shor, a violinist and vocalist, was invited for recording the female vocals, and eventually stayed as a permanent member. From this point and on, all the new material was created with the participation of all band members. During 2010 the band worked on the album, as well as performing in various venues over Israel. The album was re-recorded and changed many times, first released as a digital release only. But the band wasn’t satisfied with the result, and kept working on it until 2011, when it was officially released as a CD. The band decided to self-release it, without seeking a record deal. The album received cold shower from the critics around Europe, claiming it has catastrophic-muddy production, standard keyboard and violin sounds, powerless riffs and boring midtempo songs.

In 2011 Fatum Aeternum held its first international appearance, performing on the annual, 12th Gothic Festival "Children of the Night" in Kiev, Ukraine on September 24. The band shared the stage with known acts, such as Waves under Water and Diary of Dreams. The show received warm feedback from the local press:


In 2012, the band filmed a first video, presenting a strong visual of the message hidden behind the song “Apocalypse Now”. The video was launched on YouTube on April 6. It was submitted for broadcast on MTV Israel in June, and broadcast on the last episode in “Betzefer’s Headbangers Ball” show in June 28.
In the second half of the year, the band recorded its next EP “The Sermon”. The recording took place in The Lodge Recording Studio in Northampton, UK, which had a rich resume, including Kim Wilde, Paradise Lost, Fields of the Nephilim and others. The drummer chosen for the session was Matt Snowden, who had excellent credits as a session drummer and sound engineer, previously worked with Amy Winehouse, Pete Townshend, Julian Lennon, MTV /Comedy Central, Faith and Hope Records, and others. The EP was self-released on September 2012.

The same month, Fatum Aeternum performed as a warm-up act for the Norwegian Electronic rock band Apoptygma Berzerk.

By the end of the year it became obvious that the band's progress reached dead end and it was decided to split up. 2013 was a year of hiatus.


In early 2014 Steve and Evelyn welcomed aboard two new band members: George Falk and Igor May.

In April the band released their new single "One Bastard" followed by local gigs.


In early 2015 the band released a maxi Single "The Pain" and an EP "The Darkest Hour".

Current line-up

  • Steve Gershin (vocal, bass, keyboards)
  • Evelyn Shor (vocal, violin)
  • George Falk (guitar)
  • Live Musicians

  • Mark Muzykant (drums)
  • Past members

  • Olga Braverman (vocal, flute)
  • Ze'ev Gut (vocal, violin, mandolin, viola pomposa)
  • Ilya Surnin (drums)
  • Alexey Yudin (guitar)
  • Vadim Schuhmann (drums)
  • Rivka Rozenberg (viola)
  • Kirill Beznosov (guitar)
  • Tal Leshetz (drums)
  • Igor May (drums)
  • EP

  • Dark Glamour (2008)
  • The Sermon (2012)
  • The Pain (Maxi-Single) (2014)
  • The Darkest Hour (2015)
  • Albums

  • This Dream is Dead (2011)
  • Songs

    Apocalypse NowThis Dream is Dead · 2011
    False FreedomThis Dream is Dead · 2011
    The Darkest HourThe Darkest Hour · 2015


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