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Fantasma (Cornelius album)

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Released  3 September 1997
Producer  Keigo Oyamada
Artist  Cornelius
Label  Polystar
Length  50:12
Fantasma (1997)  Point (2001)
Release date  3 September 1997
Genre  Shibuya-kei
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Fantasma is the third studio album by the Japanese recording artist Cornelius. It was released in 1997 and charted at number six on the Japanese Oricon album chart. Fantasma includes the singles "Star Fruits Surf Rider", "Free Fall" and "Chapter 8" (co-written by Robert Schneider and Hilarie Sidney of The Apples in Stereo). The latter two singles were released in the UK only.


The album received mixed reviews upon release, but drew more praise in later years. Considered one of the defining works of Shibuya-kei, writer W. David Marx described Fantasma as "an important textbook for an alternative musical history where Bach, [Burt] Bacharach, and the Beach Boys stands as the great triumvirate."

Cornelius fantasma remastered unpacking

Release history

Two companion remix albums FM - Fantasma Remixes and CM - Cornelius Remixes were released the following year. The former is composed of music from Fantasma remixed by other artists. The latter is composed of remixes by Cornelius of most of the artists that contributed to FM - Fantasma Remixes.

The track "Star Fruits Surf Rider" was released as a single on November 2, 1998 and was covered by Mitsuki Aira for her 2008 double A-side single, "Darling Wondering Staring"/"Star Fruits Surf Rider". The cover was later included on the extended version of Aira's debut album, Copy. Moreover, "Star Fruits Surf Rider" has lyrics in English, while the US promotional release has lyrics in Japanese.

The track "Magoo Opening" was on the Japan release titled as "Monkey". It contains sample from "Gotta Get To Your House", recorded by David Seville and "Magoo Opening" as performed by Dennis Farnon & His Orchestra.

Fantasma was reissued in the United States in June 2016, accompanied by a tour in August including a date performing at Justin Vernon's Eaux Cleaires Festival in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The album was released as a limited edition remastered double vinyl LP through Lefse Records and digitally released by Post Modern.

Track listing

All tracks written by Keigo Oyamada, except where noted.


  • Keigo Oyamada (also credited as The Ape) - production, performing, writing, mixing
  • Musicians

  • Toyoaki Mishima - keyboards
  • Robert Schneider - vocals and bass on "Chapter 8 - Seashore and Horizon"
  • Hilarie Sidney - vocals and drums on "Chapter 8 - Seashore and Horizon"
  • Moog Yamamoto - scratches on "Mic Check" and "2010"
  • Kazumichi Fujiwara - vocals on "Mic Check" and "Star Fruits Surf Rider"
  • Kinbara Strings - strings on "The Micro Disneycal World Tour" and "God Only Knows"
  • Sean O'Hagan - banjo, sampler and chorus on "Thank You for the Music"
  • Yoshié Hiragakura - drums on "Count Five or Six" and "Star Fruits Surf Rider"
  • Yano Yuki - theremin on "The Micro Disneycal World Tour"
  • Production

  • Toyoaki Mishima - hard-disk manipulations
  • Nakai-kun - mixing, engineering (assistant)
  • Toru Takayama - mixing, engineering
  • Artwork

  • Hiroshi Nomura - photos
  • Masakazu Kitayama, Mitsuo Shindo - artwork
  • Songs

    1Mic Check3:01
    2The Micro Disneycal World Tour3:38
    3New Music Machine3:53


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