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Family Fodder

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Years active  1970s–present
Members  Rick Wilson
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Associated acts  Johnny Human, Vox Humana, The Lo Yo Yo, Frank Sumatra and the Mob
Origin  London, United Kingdom (1979)
Albums  Monkey Banana Kitchen, Sunday Girls, Foreverandever
Genres  Post-punk, Indie rock, Psychedelic music
Record labels  Staubgold, Fresh Records, Jungle Records
Similar  Essential Logic, This Heat, The Flying Lizards, Mo‑dettes, Dolly Mixture

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Family Fodder is a post-punk group revolving around songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer/producer, and guitarist/keyboard player Alig Fodder. Formed in London in the 1970s, it has had a sporadic existence ever since, disbanding in the 1980s then reforming. They are often acknowledged by music critics such as NME who described their song "Dinosaur Sex" as a post-punk classic.


Family Fodder Family Fodder Live photos by Philippe Carly 20022017

The first Family Fodder single, "Playing Golf (With My Flesh Crawling)", a joint release between Parole Records and Fresh Records, was released in 1979. In the same year a 12" single was released on Small Wonder Records by the same musicians as Frank Sumatra And The Mob.

Family Fodder The Quietus Features A Quietus Interview Dinosaur Sex Family

A series of Family Fodder singles and 12" EPs followed on Fresh together with the album Monkey Banana Kitchen, often featuring French singer Dominique Levillain (resulting in them often being cited as an influence on Stereolab). The best-known singles were the indie chart entries "Debbie Harry", "Savoir Faire" and "Film Music". Also released were the mini-albums Sunday Girls and Schizophrenia Party on Fresh, and later the All Styles double-LP on Jungle Records, which Trouser Press hailed as "consistently enjoyable and infused with invention, cleverness, talent and a totally open outlook"

Family Fodder About family fodder

Alig Fodder continued to record and perform as Family Fodder over the years with evolving line-ups as well as under various alter-egos such as Johnny Human, Vox Humana and The Lo Yo Yo.

Family Fodder The strange history of London postpunk trailblazers Family Fodder

Following the release of compilation Savoir Faire: The Best Of on US label Dark Beloved Cloud, in 2000 an early Family Fodder line-up including Levillain reformed to record the album Water Shed for that label. Allmusic called it "one of the better reunion albums of the post-punk generation."

In 2010 Family Fodder released Classical Music, featuring the singing of Darlini, daughter of original vocalist Dominique Levillain. It was followed in 2013 by Variety.

In 2014 German label Staubgold started a series of vinyl and CD reissues, the first being Family Fodder's debut album, 'Monkey Banana Kitchen', followed by 'Schizophrenia Party' and 'Sunday Girls', most featuring bonus tracks. To coincide, original members of the band reformed with a new singer Bee Ororo, and played live dates in Germany, France and Switzerland.

In 2016 an EP titled 'Sex Works' was announced by Jungle Records, to be followed by a 'lost' album, 'Foreverandever'.

Family Fodder songs have been covered by Zion Train, Unrest, and YACHT.

Family fodder film music 1981


  • Frank Sumatra And The Mob, Te Deum, Maxi 45 rpm, Small Wonder Records, 1979
  • Playing Golf (With My Flesh Crawling), 45 rpm, Parole Records, Fresh Records, 1979
  • Savoir Faire, 45 rpm, Fresh Records, 1980 and Crammed Discs, 1980
  • Debbie Harry, 45 rpm, Fresh Records, 1980
  • Warm / Desire, 45 rpm, Parole Records, Fresh Records, 1980
  • ScHiZoPhReNiA pArTy !, Maxi 45t, Fresh Records, 1981
  • Film Music, 45 rpm, Fresh Records, 1981
  • The Big Dig, 45 rpm, Fresh Records, 1982
  • Coral, 45 rpm, Jungle Records, 1982
  • Professor Zoom (Alig=Johnny Human, Mick Hobbs, Sam Alexander, Rick Wilson, Graham Painting, Professor Zoom), Urban Menace/1965, Alligator Discs, 1994
  • Tender words, CD single, Dark beloved cloud, 2002
  • Alig Fodder, Alphabet Series Q, 45 rpm, Tomlab, 2007
  • Singularity 1/Love Is Like A Goat, CD limited edition, The state51 Conspiracy Ltd, March 2011
  • Singularity 2/Sitting In A Puddle, CD limited edition, The state51 Conspiracy Ltd, April 2011
  • Albums

  • Sunday Girls (A Tribute To Blondie By Family Fodder And Friends), Maxi 45rpm Mini-Album, Parole Records, Fresh Records, 1979
  • Monkey Banana Kitchen, 33rpm, Fresh Records, 1980 (reissued 2014, LP/CD, Staubgold Records)
  • All Styles, 2x33rpm Jungle Records, 1983
  • The Lo Yo Yo (Steve Wright, Alig, Annie Hunt, Carrie Brooks, Mick Hobbs), id., Cassette-Album, Calypso Now, 1984
  • The Lo Yo Yo, Extra Weapons, 33rpm, Floppy Discs, 1985
  • Water Shed, CD, Dark Beloved Cloud, 2000
  • Idol Fodder, Bäbytalk, CD Mini-Album, Slender Means Society, States Rights Records, 2008
  • DJ Katface / Kommissar Hjuler und Frau (John Pearce, Kommissar Hjuler, Mama Baer), Pragmatix, 4 titles, 60 minutes, CDR 11 copies, Asylum Lunaticum (Germany) and Cassette-album, 88 copies, Nagranie Brutalnie Domowy (Poland), 2010
  • Classical Music, CD, Album, The state51 Conspiracy Ltd, 2010
  • Variety, CD, Album The state51 Conspiracy Ltd, 2013
  • Compilations, splits

  • Greatest Hits, 33 rpm, Compañía Fonográfica Española, 1981 and Crammed Discs, 1981
  • The Lo Yo Yo / Look De Bouk - Double Dog Dare, Summer '84, Cassette-album, Calypso Now, 1984
  • Savoir Faire : The Best Of, CD, Dark Beloved Cloud/Jungle Records, 1998
  • More Great Hits!, 2xCD, Jungle Records, 2008
  • Compilation appearances

  • "Savoir Faire" appeared on A Fresh Selection compilation LP, Fresh Records, 1980
  • "Debbie Harry" on Rough Trade: Post Punk 01, 2CD, 2003
  • "Monkey", "Banana", and "Darling" appeared on Jonathan Meese & Tim Berresheim/Mama Baer/Family Fodder Fluxus in the Kitchen LP, Psych.KG, 2014

  • Family Fodder


    Debbie HarrrySunday Girls (Director’s Cut) · 1979
    Playing GolfSunday Girls (Director’s Cut) · 1979
    Hippy Bus to SpainVariety · 2013


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