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Headquarters  Québec, Canada
Founded  1977
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Familiprix is a Canadian group of independent pharmacists. As of 2012, Familiprix consists of 320 pharmacies with over $1 billion in retail sales. Familiprix’s network employs more than 5,000 and covers all of Quebec and part of New Brunswick. The banner’s pharmacies are organized by surface area into three categories: clinic, commercial, and extra. Familiprix is the 29th largest company in Quebec’s top 500 list and is among the 150 most admired companies in Quebec.



Médico-Prix started in 1977 in Eastern Quebec. It was renamed Familiprix on 17 October 1979. In the mid-1990s, it expanded into Montreal. Today, Familiprix has more than 250 locations in Quebec and New Brunswick. The company is based today in Quebec City, with an additional office in Montreal.


Familiprix’s primary mission is to be an outstanding neighbourhood pharmacy, where the focus is on expertise and providing front-line healthcare services to communities.


Actor Sylvain Marcel became the star of a series of Familiprix humorous TV commercials and Familiprix's corporate website. He plays a pharmacist in a white lab coat that blends in everyday situations, only to suddenly yell "Ah-ha! Familiprix!" when it is obvious that the help of a pharmacist is needed: when a shopper bangs herself against a window, when an ex-smoker bums a cigarette or when a young couple is home alone for the week-end. The signature song of these ad campaigns is Huey "Piano" Smith's "Don't You Just Know It."


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