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Fa gao

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Type  Pastry
Place of origin  China
Fa gao Chinese Fa Gao Fortune Cake China Sichuan Food
Main ingredients  flour (usually rice flour), leavening (traditionally yeast), sugar
Similar  Turnip cake, Nian gao, Kuih, White sugar sponge c, Mantou

Fa gao chinese prosperity cakes

Fa gao (simplified Chinese: 发糕; traditional Chinese: 發粿; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: hoat-koé) is a Chinese cupcake-like pastry, most commonly consumed on the Chinese new year, that is made of flour (usually rice flour), leavening (traditionally yeast, but can be chemical leavening), sugar or another sweetener, steamed (instead of baked), until the top splits into a characteristic "split top" of four segments [3]. The batter is typically left to rest for fermentation prior to being steam-cooked.


Fa gao Paleo Traditional Chinese Steamed Cake Fa Gao Paleo Recipes

The name of the cake is a pun, as "fa" means both "prosperity" and "raised (leavened)", so "fa gao" means both "prosperity cake" and "raised (leavened) cake". These cakes, when used to encourage prosperity in the new year, are often dyed bright colors.

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