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F. I. R. (film)

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Directed by  SHAJI KAILAS
Written by  Dennis Joseph
Cinematography  Armaan Duggal
Produced by  Unknown
Music by  Arzoo duggal
Starring  Suresh Gopi Indraja N. F. Varghese Biju Menon Rajeev

F.I.R is a 1999 Malayalam action movie. It is directed by Shaji Kailas, and stars Suresh Gopi, Indraja, Biju Menon, Bheeman Raghu, Maniyan Pillai Raju and Rajeev.



The film starts with Roy Alex (K. B. Ganesh Kumar), an investigative journalist doing a feature on the flow of Hawala money from Middle East, after seeing a foreign good during a visit to the nearby market which cannot be even seen in Metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi. After that, a man named Basheer (Mohan Jose) tells that Rahim Haji (Narendra Prasad), a high profile businessman and politician, is inviting him to his home. Rahim Haji, a former member of Parliament, had lost his position as MP a year earlier after an article written by Roy on Bombay Chronicle which exposed his dollar business. After meeting Haji at a club, Roy proceeds him to a talk. Haji tells him about his enemy Narendra Shetty (Rajeev, another business tycoon, whom he believes as the man who destroyed his business. Later on, Roy follows the van of a drama troupe, which carries Chakrapani (Bheeman Raghu), a well reputed drama director and one among Shetty's trusted lieutenants. Chakrapani had directed a drama recently, which is going to be played in the home of one of his friends. Both of them reach their destination at night, and Roy is shocked to find that Chakrapani and the owner of that home are members of a huge dollar business. Roy captures the scenes with his camera, but Chakrapani finds him and he tries to escape. Chakrapani follows him with his dogs, and one among those dogs kill him. Chakrapani, even after realising that Roy is dead, cuts his head with his sword. At the same time, Rahim Haji passes through a nearby road and tries to call Roy, but after hearing the sound of dog barking, he suddenly finds out that the young journalist is dead. Then he tells his driver Basheer (the same man who invited Roy to Haji's home) to turn the car, but suddenly he meets with his enemy, who fatally shoots him on his head for trespassing his territory. It is also revealed that Basheer is also Shetty's lieutanant, as both of them go together. An unknown man takes the photo of Haji's dead body with his camera hiding behind the bushes, which is to be revealed later.

The news of Haji's assassination spreads a huge blow on the party. It is shown that Shetty also comes to pay homage to the man whom he assassinated the previous night! After the funeral, the Chief Minister of Kerala (Janardhanan) visits Haji's home and meets with Thahir Sahib (Kozhikode Narayanan Nair), the state head of the party. Thahir Sahib tells the Chief Minister that he is trying to put a hunger strike led by Kunjalavi (Augustine, a member of Legislative Assembly from his party, against the government who fails to arrest Rahim Haji's assassins. He also tells that the government should nominate a Muslim police officer to investigate the case. Thus, the Chief Minister nominates Mohammed Sarkar (Suresh Gopi), an IPS officer from Tripura cadre, as the Superintendent of Police of Malappuram district, to investigate the case. Meanwhile, Kunjalavi MLA's hunger strike is going strong. He calls DySP John Varghese (KPAC Azeez) to call the new SP to the venue. Thus, Mohammed Sarkar arrives to the venue. Kunjalavi MLA tells Mohammed that he should arrest him and then only the strike will end. Mohammed rejects this idea, as there is no provocation. Thus, Kunjalavi MLA and his colleagues get angry. They throw stones on Mohammed, and one of them also breaks the glass of his jeep. Thus, a strong fight occurs and everyone is injured, including Kunjalavi MLA. Thahir Sahib calls Mohammed and fires him.

Mohammed and his wing later traps a phone call, and proceeds to the check post. There, they stop a lorry which is believed to be that of Shetty Corporation. But, they can find only some umbrellas. Mohammed takes one from them, and folds it. But the news spreads all over, and the CM, along with the Home Minister and Thahir Sahib, fires him. In that party, Mohammed reveals his sad past. He was the son of a folk singer, who was ousted from Malabar and was placed in front of the Government Secretariat in Thiruvananthapuram. No one ever tried to console them by fulfilling their basic needs. Thus, his father stopped his wish to make his son a singer. His mother took him to a nearby government school with daily meal provisions. But she could not tell his address to the school headmaster, as she was illiterate. Then the headmaster, who was the father of the Home Minister, gave him a new title - 'Sarkar'. When many people asked about this title, he told that it was a title conferred to his ancestors by the British government. After hearing this, Thahir Sahib realizes that Mohammed is the son of his old classmate, who died when he was studying in Delhi. Both of them forgive each other.

Later, it is found that DySP John Varghese and his wife Alice are also Shetty's lieutenants. Mohammed attacks John Varghese, but later tells Alice that no departmental action would be taken against her husband. When Mohammed tries to leave the office in his car, he finds a gift box and a letter from Shetty. When he opens the box, he finds a doll of chimpanzee, which Shetty has given to his daughter. After reaching home, he is shocked to find two more gifts from Shetty in his home. They include another doll of chimpanzee, which plays the famous Macarena song, in his daughter Pathu's bedroom, and a bouquet consisting of red roses near telephone. Mohammed throws the doll from Pathu's bedroom, and soon he gets a phone call from Shetty, who warns him. The next day, he visits Shetty's home, and warns him in response of the 'horror effect' happened in home the previous day. Later on the same day, his visits his mentor Panicker (N. F. Varghese), a retired police inspector. Panicker tells his disciple the story of Veerendra Shetty, the late father of Narendra Shetty, whom he nearly captured, but escaped just because of the then Home Minister. At Panicker's home, he meets with an inspector named Gregory (Biju Menon), who is now under suspension. Mohammed is wondered to know about Gregory, as he had not even heard of an inspector of that name working under him. Gregory is a sharp shooter, and he tries to capture duplicate arrack. Gregory befriends Mohammed, after telling the story of his suspension. The local inspectors were always trying to promote duplicate arrack, and the former SP also supported them. When Gregory suppressed them, the SP suspended him on some wrong cases. But still he can't get away from his duty. Mohammed removes Gregory's suspension, and takes him back to the department.

That evening, Mohammed's wife Laila (Indraja), a former journalist, shows him some photographs of Rahim Haji's dead body which appeared in the newspapers on the day after his assassination. In all those photographs, except that seen in 'Mathrurajyam' daily, the blood has flown towards Haji's nose, while that in Mathrurajyam shows that the blood has just started. So, Laila assumes that a photographer of Mathrurajyam was surely at the spot when Haji was assassinated. When Mohammed takes the photographs to Panicker, he takes Laila's assumption to consideration, but also says that it cannot be agreed, as there were heavy rains that night. Mohammed tells to check the negatives of photographs to find whether the bloodstains over Haji's nose were real, or spread through rain. Panicker thus calls Gurumoorthy, another inspector in Kerala Police, and a computer engineer, for testing the intensity of the bloodstains in the negatives through computer. Gurumorthy finds that the bloodstains are completely original, as the negative intensity is less. Then, they visit Mathrurajyam office and questions its editor Marar (T. P. Madhavan).


  • Suresh Gopi as Superintendent of Police Mohammed Sarkar
  • Indraja as Laila
  • Rajeev as Narendra Shetty
  • Narendra Prasad as Rahim Haji
  • Janardhanan as Chief Minister of Kerala
  • N. F. Varghese as Inspector Panicker
  • Biju Menon as Inspector Gregory
  • Maniyan Pillai Raju as Inspector Gurumurthy
  • K. B. Ganesh Kumar as Roy Alex
  • Saikumar as Shivaram
  • Mohan Jose as Basheer
  • Bheeman Raghu as Chakrapani
  • Kozhikode Narayanan Nair as Thaahir saahib, Muslim League state head
  • Azeez as DySP John Varghese
  • Karamana Janardanan Nair as Fr. Poulouse
  • Reghunath as Ramachandra Adiga
  • Devan as Brigadier Giridhar Barua/Gireesh Mangattusery
  • Augustine as Kunjalavi MLA
  • Kanakalatha as Madhavi/Maria
  • T. P. Madhavan as Editor Marar
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