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Exploding Sun

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Written by  Jeff Schechter
Theme music composer  James Gelfand
Original language(s)  English
Director  Michael Robison
Music director  James Gelfand

Directed by  Michael Robison
Country of origin  Canada
Initial release  9 February 2013 (Sweden)
Screenplay  Jeffrey Alan Schechter
Exploding Sun wwwgstaticcomtvthumbmovieposters10001752p10
Starring  Julia Ormond David James Elliott Natalie Brown Anthony Lemke
Initial DVD release  20 August 2013 (Netherlands)
Cast  David James Elliott, Anthony Lemke, Natalie Brown, Julia Ormond, Mylène Dinh‑Robic
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Exploding Sun is a 2013 Canadian made-for-TV sci-fi film directed by Michael Robison and starring Julia Ormond, David James Elliott, Natalie Brown and Anthony Lemke. The film is broadcast both as a stand-alone film and in two parts with various durations.


Exploding Sun wwwkronosrecordscom EXPLODING SUN by JAMES GELFAND


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A privately owned spaceship with passengers, among them the president's wife, is on its maiden flight around the Moon and back to Earth. When a massive solar storm blows the rocket off course, the ship moves forward out of control on a direct path toward the Sun, and eventually burns up. The quantum scalar drive powering the ship, which is engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, survives solar impact and puts the Sun into a hyperactive phase, causing massive bursts of radiation that have a devastating effect on Earth. The second half of the movie depicts these effects and peoples' struggles to find shelter and survive.

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It is revealed that the US military has copied and militarized the quantum scalar drive, and built a spaceship powered by nuclear pulse propulsion to propel the weapon into orbit. The creator of the scalar drive teams up with a NASA astronaut to reconfigure the weapon so as to counteract the effects of the first one as it drops into the Sun. The Sun cools down and the Earth is saved from destruction.

Scientific inaccuracies

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  • The spacecraft makes an external whooshing sound as it travels. As space is airless, this is unrealistic.
  • The ship, while out of control and not under power, makes a slingshot orbit of the moon. In the absence of thrust the passengers of the craft would be weightless; they are shown as feeling a nine-gravity force during this orbit, when in reality they would share the orbit of the ship and feel no gravitational effects at all.
  • There is no delay in radio communications. There should be a delay of two and a half seconds in radio contact between the Earth and lunar orbit, and one of sixteen minutes between the Earth and the ship nearing the Sun.
  • The ship has a "maximum speed" in the movie, despite the engine still visibly providing thrust (the passengers are pressed into their seats). This is scientifically wrong, as acceleration would mean speed increase in a vacuum.
  • TV release

    Exploding Sun EXPLODING SUN miniseries event now available on Netflix YouTube

    The film was first shown by Swedish Kanal 5 in a 116-minute version on February 8, 2013. It was first shown in the US by Reelz on September 9, 2013. Exploding Sun was dubbed into Spanish for the first time on January 12, 2014 by UniMás.

    Home media

    In addition to the 176 minute version, a 120-minute version of the film was released on DVD and Blu-ray in USA on October 15, 2013.


    Exploding Sun was panned by critics and audiences. The film currently has no critic rating and an audience rating of 13% on Rotten Tomatoes.


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