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Publisher  Marvel Comics
First appearance  Darkhawk #20 (Oct 1992)
Alter ego  Dargin Bokk
Fictional universe  Marvel Universe
Evilhawk wwwrapsheetcoukImagesCharactersEvilhawkjpg
Created by  Danny Fingeroth and Mike Manley
Creators  Danny Fingeroth, Mike Manley
Similar  Darkhawk, Bloodaxe, Savage Steel, Blackwulf, Sleepwalker

Evilhawk is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.


Evilhawk is a reptilian alien from the planet Luq with an android body. He is an enemy of Darkhawk.

Fictional character biography

Dargin Bokk is an alien who was born on the planet Luq. He later became an intergalactic crime lord, using his resources to commission five scientists (Mondu, Mendeja, Byron, Graczia, Kig, and Osch) to create the Darkhawk androids. But when the scientists—most of whom had been blackmailed, tortured, or otherwise coerced into assisting on the project—eventually used them to rebel, he managed to take one of the amulets and used it to assume the Darkhawk body that would eventually be called Evilhawk, which was at that time the most powerful of the group of androids that they had created. However, Bokk's original body was destroyed in the fight, trapping him in his android body.

Eventually, Evilhawk learned of Chris Powell, who had gained access to the Darkhawk technology, and traveled to Earth to confront him. Evilhawk attacked Darkhawk, destroying his android body. Chris Powell's consciousness returned his human body within the starship used to house the Darkhawk androids when not in use. Evilhawk battled St. Johnny and the Powell family before returning to the starship to execute his plan: transferring his mind into Chris' body. But the plan failed and Evilhawk was apparently destroyed by Darkhawk.

Bokk later battled Osch, one of the aliens who helped build the Evilhawk armor, on the psychic plane, but failed to create a new android body for himself.

During the Amulet Quest storyline in which the Darkhawk amulets themselves became a threat to the multiverse, Bokk successfully recreated his android body and again battled Osch, who had gone mad, and temporarily allied himself with Darkhawk to defeat the insane alien. Evilhawk killed Osch, but was then defeated by Darkhawk when the former attempted to seize the combined power of the Darkhawk amulets, which could have granted the user godlike powers, before he could fully bond with them. Evilhawk was rendered unconscious or dead (it's left unclear as to which) and was taken back to his planet to stand trial, effectively ending his encounters with Darkhawk and his friends and loved ones.

In the War Of Kings storyline it is revealed that Bokk and his origin was a manifestation of Chris Powell's psyche fracturing because he was incapable of bonding with his Darkhawk body. It is implied that there are only two Darkhawks left. It is unclear how this affects the origins of Ocsh, Overhawk, and other characters who held the Darkhawk amulets.

Powers and abilities

Like Darkhawk, Evilhawk's body is an android body powered by the extraterrestrial amulet he wears. The body was designed and manufactured by an intergalactic team of scientists, most of whom were forced to work on the project through bribery or coercion. The Evilhawk body has enhanced physical abilities, including strength, durability, agility and reflexes. He has a claw-cable on his right hand which can be propelled as a grappling hook. He also possessed some form of rocket propulsion in his legs which he used to enable flight, as opposed to Darkhawk, who used glider wings to achieve the same effect. He also has the ability to project concussive Darkforce blasts and defense shields from his body using his amulet as a focal point. He possesses telescopic and infra-red vision, and possibly other powers as yet unrevealed. Evilhawk was unable to use a healing power like Darkhawk's because his original body had been destroyed. When his Evilhawk's android body was destroyed, he existed only as a disembodied consciousness kept in check by Osch until the Amulet Quest storyline, when he was able to reform on the material plane before being rendered inert, though the issue of whether or not he was unconscious or dead was never resolved.

Dargin Bokk was a skilled planner and organizer, and learned the basic hand-to-hand combat skills known on the planet Luq.


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