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Evergreen Mak Cheung ching

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Chinese name  麥長青 (traditional)
Name  Evergreen Cheung-ching
Chinese name  麦长青 (simplified)
Role  Actor
Origin  Hong Kong
Ancestry  Qingyuan

Pinyin  Mai Changqing (Mandarin)
Jyutping  Mak6 Coeng4-cing1 (Cantonese)
Born  18 December 1967 (age 47)Shunde, Guangdong, China (1967-12-18)
Movies  New Police Story, Special ID
TV shows  Journey to the West, No Regrets, House of Harmony and Veng, Daddy Good Deeds, Journey to the West II
Similar People  Moses Chan, Selena Li, Kiki Sheung, Vincent Wong, Priscilla Wong

Other name(s)  Makbau (麥包)Evergreen

How he 'steals' from Wayne Lai (Mak Cheung Ching @ ATV Awards)

Evergreen Mak Cheung-ching (Chinese: 麥長青, born 18 December 1968), better known as Makbau (麥包), is a Hong Kong TVB actor. He is lauded and best known for his villainous portrayal of the main antagonist, Leung Fei-fan (Fei Fan Gor), in No Regrets, for which he won the TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actor. He also won the Best Actor in a Supporting Role award in the Asian Television Awards 2011 for the same role. He is also known for his voiceover work for cartoons, as well a children show host for Flash Fax and After School ICU.


Evergreen Mak Cheung-ching Interview with Evergreen Mak In Malaysia YouTube


Evergreen Mak Cheung-ching TVB Anniversary Feature Evergreen Mak KAYS ENTERTAINMENT

  • 2010: 43rd TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony - Best Supporting Actor award (No Regrets)
  • 2011: 16th Asian Television Awards - Best Supporting Actor award (No Regrets)

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