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European Movement in Finland

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The European Movement in Finland is a politically non-committed organization that sees European Integration as positive resource. The European Movement in Finland is devoted to establishing a more efficient, transparent and democratic European Union. The slogan of the organization is “Together for a better Europe”. The European Movement in Finland acts as an independent discussion forum for citizens in matters related to EU politics and informs citizens about current events, issues, and decision making in the EU. The European Movement in Finland strives to encourage the active participation of citizens and Finnish non-governmental organizations in the discussions surrounding the EU. It has thousand of citizen members and several partner organization members including Taloudellinen Tiedotustoimisto, SAK, STTK, AKAVA, MTK, Suomen ylioppilaskuntien liitto, SAMOK, Suomen Lukiolaisten Liitto, and Ammattiin opiskelevat - Sakki.



The European Movement in Finland was established January 31, 1994, ten months prior to the vote determining whether or not Finland would join the EU. The European Movement in Finland campaigned heavily for the membership by organizing public discussions, and promoting information concerning the EU. The public elections deciding on Finland’s EU membership were held October 16, 1994. Finland became a member of the EU January 1, 1995, along with Sweden and Austria. Finland, Sweden and Austria were the first countries to join the EU since the end of the Cold War.


European Movement in Finland is the national council of the pan-European European Movement International. The objective of European Movement in Finland is to:

  • Promote public discussion concerning EU and its development
  • Familiarize the Finnish people with the ideological, political, and economical basics of European integration, as well as deepen knowledge on matters concerning the EU
  • Motivate and encourage citizens, especially young voters, to take part in the European Parliamentary elections
  • Act as a public discussion forum and a consultative expert organization in the formation of Finnish EU policies;
  • Promote knowledge of European culture, cultural exchange and interaction between Finland and other EU countries, for example by celebrating Europe Day.
  • To achieve these aims European Movement in Finland organizes various discussion events, publishes pamphlets and a biannual magazine, contacts politicians and civil servants and co-ordinates information tours and campaigns around Finland.


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