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Eugene Debbs Potts

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Preceded by  C.D. Cameron
Name  Eugene Potts
Succeeded by  John D. Burns
Preceded by  Harry D. Boivin
Succeeded by  Bill Olson

Constituency  Josephine County 1961-72; Josephine and Jackson counties 1973-84
Died  19 December 2003(2003-12-19) (aged 95) Merlin, Oregon

Driving downtown eugene oregon usa

Eugene may refer to:


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Oregon vlog eugene university of oregon portland florence the coast


  • Eugene (given name), information about the name including a list of people with the given name
  • Eugene (actress), South Korean actress and former member of singing group S.E.S.
  • Pope Eugene I, Italian pope from 655 to 657
  • Pope Eugene II, Italian pope from 824 to 827
  • Pope Eugene III, Italian pope from 1145 to 1153
  • Pope Eugene IV, Italian pope from 1431 to 1447
  • Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663–1736), Austrian general, statesman of the Holy Roman Empire and the Austrian monarchy
  • United States

  • Eugene, Oregon, a city in Lane County, Oregon
  • Eugene, Indiana, an unincorporated town in Vermillion County, Indiana
  • Eugene, Missouri, an unincorporated town in Cole County, Missouri
  • Canada

  • Mount Eugene, in Nunavut; the highest mountain of the United States Range on Ellesmere Island
  • Business

  • Eugene Green Energy Standard, an international standard to which electricity labelling schemes can be accredited to confirm that they provide genuine environmental benefits
  • Eugene Group, a Korean chaebol
  • Eugen Systems, a gaming company located in France, makers of Act of War: Direct Action
  • Media

  • Eugene (Pokémon) or Eusine, a character in Pokémon media
  • A character in the Nickelodeon program Hey Arnold!
  • Eugene Trilogy, a collection of plays by Neil Simon
  • Eugene Onegin, a novel in verse written by Aleksandr Pushkin
  • Music

  • Eugene Onegin (opera), an opera in three acts by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  • Hey Eugene!, the third full-length album and single by Pink Martini
  • "Careful with That Axe, Eugene", a single by rock group Pink Floyd
  • "Eugene", a song by Greg Brown from the album The Evening Call 2006
  • "Eugene", a song by Sufjan Stevens from the album "Carrie & Lowell" (2015)
  • Ships

  • German cruiser Prinz Eugen
  • USS Eugene (PF-40), a Tacoma-class frigate
  • USS Eugene A. Greene (DD-711), an American Gearing-class destroyer
  • SMS Prinz Eugen, an Austro-Hungarian dreadnought battleship
  • HMS Prince Eugene (1915), a British monitor
  • Storms

  • March 2017 North American blizzard, also known as Blizzard Eugene
  • References

    Eugene Wikipedia

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