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Kingdom  Animalia
Phylum  Mollusca
Order  Nudibranch
Class  Gastropoda
Rank  Suborder
Subclass  Heterobranchia clade Euthyneura clade Nudipleura
Similar  Doridacea, Nudibranch, Doridoidea, Heterobranchia, Discodorididae

The Euctenidiacea, common name dorid nudibranchs, are a taxonomic suborder of sea snails or slugs, marine gastropod molluscs in the order Nudibranchia. Bouchet & Rocroi (2005) rejected the name Anthobranchia on the grounds that it also included Onchidium at the time of original publication.


A morphological phylogenetic study, published in 2000, by Wägele & Willan showed that the subclade Gnathodoridacea (= Bathydoridoidea) and the subclade Doridacea (= Phanerobranchia + Cryptobranchia + Porostomata) each form a monophyletic group.

In a later study, published in 2002, A. Valdés concluded that the superfamilies Doridoidea and Phyllidioidea (called by him Cryptobranchia + Porostomata) formed a clade. He expanded the usage of Cryptobranchia to encompass the whole subclade Doridacea. This move was not followed in the taxonomy of Bouchet and Rocroi.

clade Gnathodoridacea

  • Superfamily Bathydoridoidea
  • Family Bathydorididae
  • clade Doridacea

  • Superfamily Doridoidea
  • Family Dorididae
  • Family Actinocyclidae
  • Family Chromodorididae
  • Family Discodorididae
  • Superfamily Phyllidioidea
  • Family Phyllidiidae
  • Family Dendrodorididae
  • Family Mandeliidae
  • Superfamily Onchidoridoidea (= Phanerobranchiata Suctoria)
  • Family Akiodorididae
  • Family Onchidorididae
  • Family Corambidae
  • Family Goniodorididae
  • Superfamily Polyceroidea (= Phanerobranchiata Non Suctoria)
  • Family Polyceridae
  • Family Aegiridae - In Bouchet & Rocroi (2005) is incorrect subsequent spelling Aegiretidae.
  • Family Gymnodorididae
  • Family Hexabranchidae
  • Family Okadaiidae
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