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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Coleoptera
Infraorder  Scarabeiformia
Scientific name  Euchirinae
Rank  Subfamily
Phylum  Arthropoda
Suborder  Polyphaga
Superfamily  Scarabaeoidea
Higher classification  Scarabs
Euchirinae Systmatique A Visual Presentation of Euchirinae Coleoptera
Similar  Plinthocoelium suaveolens, Plinthocoelium, Beetle, Aetalionidae, Insect

Euchirinae is a subfamily of Scarabaeidae or scarab beetles in the superfamily Scarabaeoidea. They are sometimes referred to as "long-armed scarabs" due to the elongated forelegs of the males. These long legs often have median and apical spines that are fixed in the male while females have a movable terminal spine.

Euchirinae Flower Beetles Euchirinae

They are sometimes included in Subfamily Melolonthinae as Tribe Euchirini.

Genera and species

This subfamily contains 3 genera with 16 species:

Euchirinae httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
  • Cheirotonus Hope, 1840 (10 species)
  • Cheirotonus battareli Pouillaude, 1913
  • Cheirotonus formosanus Ohaus, 1913
  • Cheirotonus fujiokai Muramoto, 1994
  • Cheirotonus gestroi Pouillaude, 1913
  • Cheirotonus jambar Kurosawa, 1984
  • Cheirotonus jansoni Jordan, 1898
  • Cheirotonus macleayi Hope, 1840
  • Cheirotonus parryi Gray, 1848
  • Cheirotonus peracanus Kriesche, 1919
  • Cheirotonus szetshuanus Medvedev, 1960
  • Propomacrus Newman, 1837 (4 species)

  • Euchirinae Systmatique A Visual Presentation of Euchirinae Coleoptera

    In this genus, males have the foretibia lined on the inside with dense golden hair-like structures. Species are known from Iran, Greece and southeastern China.

    Euchirinae Euchirinae
  • Propomacrus bimucronatus Pallas, 1781
  • Propomacrus cypriacus Alexis & Makris 2002
  • Propomacrus davidi Deyrolle, 1874
  • Propomacrus muramotoae Fujioka, 2007
  • Euchirus Linnaeus, 1758 (2 species)
  • Euchirus dupontianus Burmeister, 1841
  • Euchirus longimanus Linnaeus, 1758
  • One fossil species C. otai has been described from Japan.

    Euchirinae Euchirinae


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