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Ethyl propionate

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Formula  C5H10O2
Molar mass  102.1317 g/mol
Density  884.3 kg/m³
Appearance  Colourless Liquid
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Make ethyl propionate by fischer esterification

Ethyl propionate is a compound with formula C2H5(C2H5COO). It is the ethyl ester of propionic acid. It has a pineapple-like odor. Some fruits like kiwis and strawberries naturally contain ethyl propionate in small amounts.


Ethyl propionate ethyl propanoate Critically Evaluated Thermophysical Property

It is also used in the production of some antimalarial drugs including pyrimethamine.

Make ethyl propionate by fischer esterfication and molecular sieves with a soxhlet extractor

Ethyl propionate substancetooltipashxid1516
Ethyl propionate Ethyl propionate CAS 105373 800606
Ethyl propionate Ethyl propionate10537313CNMR
Ethyl propionate Ethyl propionate1053731HNMR
Ethyl propionate ethyl propionate Kovats Retention Index
Ethyl propionate GCSE CHEMISTRY The Reactions of Propanoic Acid with Alcohols to
Ethyl propionate nEthyl propanoate C5H10O2 ChemSpider
Ethyl propionate Phenethyl Propionate Phenyl Ethyl Propionate


Ethyl propionate Wikipedia

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