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Genres  Pop , Mizrahi
Labels  Helicon Sultan
Genre  World
Years active  1989 — present
Origin  Tel Aviv, Israel (1989)
Record label  Helicon Records
Ethnix mediaisraelmusiccomimages27817820jpg
Albums  Hamofa Hameshutaf, Illelat Tan, Pop, Welcome to Israel, Masalla, Ethnix, Ga'aguim, Adam venahash
Members  Ze'ev Nechama, Gal Hadani, Yoram Poizner, Tamir Kalinski, Gil Alon
Similar  Eyal Golan, Zehava Ben, Rita, Mashina, Subliminal

Ethnix pre concert

Ethnix (Hebrew: אתניקס‎‎, stylized as Xאתני) is an Israeli pop-rock band. Their music is a mix of oriental and Western melodies. Ethnix is the oldest continuously-operating band in Israel, together since 1989. The band was formed out of two former groups, "Moskva", founded in 1984, and "Omanut VeHevra", created in 1987. From those bands emerged Ze'ev Nehama, the vocalist, and Tamir Kaliski, keyboardist.


Ethnix egy ttes felv tel gipsy pop music


Originally, Ze'ev and Tamir were joined by drummer/guitarist/keyboardist Yoed Nevo, and they composed their first album, "Ethnix", which was released in 1990. The album leaned towards rock, with noticeable musical influence from the band "Moskva", but the band soon began expanding in other directions, specifically combining "ethnic" (oriental) and Western, which came to define the character of the band and is reflected in its name. The name was given by Roni Bar'on and Dror Kalisky, the manager of the Band.

The first single released was "Ein L'an Lalechet" ("There is nowhere to go"), followed by "Moshita", "Tzipor Midbar" and "Shnayim Shnayim". These songs placed Ethnix on the map, and the band became top-selling and successful. Under the pressure of concert performances, Yoed left the band, to be replaced by guitarist Gil Alon and drummer Gal Hadani. In 1996, guitarist/bassist Yoram Poizner joined, completing the now stylish and diverse band. Albums include elements of rock, pop, dance, Mediterranean, and more. Ze'ev and Tamir, the main composers, created and produced for many more artists over the years, including well-known star Eyal Golan, for whom they wrote three albums which helped propel him and the Mediterranean style to popularity. Other artists they have composed for include Sharon Haziz, Yehudah Keisar, Hagmalim, Izkis and Hayalei Hanekama.

On 2 July 2011, Ethnix first had an open concert in Kesariya, which is a very important place to Israeli artists. During the show they announced that the guitar player Gil Alon is leaving the band to go to the USA, and would be replaced by Gilad Pasternak.


  • 1990 - "Ethnix" (Helicon)
  • 1991 - "Masala" (Helicon)
  • 1992 - "Yelalat Tan" (Helicon)
  • 1993 - "Adam V'Nahash" (Helicon)
  • 1994 - "Atah" (Helicon)
  • 1995 - "Haosef shel Ethnix" - the first collection (Helicon)
  • 1996 - "Pop" (Helicon)
  • 1998 - "Bruchim Habaim L'Yisrael" (Helicon)
  • 1999 - "Morris" (Sultan)
  • 2000 - "Hamofa Hameshutaf" - Live concert with Eyal Golan (Sultan)
  • 2000 - "Maximum Ethnix" - the second collection (Helicon)
  • 2001 - "Baderech Shelach" (Sultan)
  • 2002 - "13" (Sultan)
  • 2005 - "America" (Sultan)
  • 2011 - "Ga'aguim" (Sultan)
  • 2012 - "ahavat chinam" (Sultan)
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