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Essam el Erian

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Preceded by  Office created
Name  Essam el-Erian
Party  Freedom and Justice Party
Profession  Physician
Parents  Mohamed Hussein el-Erian
Alma mater  Cairo University
Education  Cairo University
Nationality  Egyptian
Role  Egyptian Politician

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Chairman  Mohamed Morsi (2011-2012) Saad El-Katatni (2012-present)
Born  28 April 1954 (age 61) Imbaba, Egypt (1954-04-28)
Political party  Freedom and Justice Party

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Dr. Essam Mohamed Hussein el-Erian {Arabic: عصام محمد حسين العريان) (born 18 April 1954) is an Egyptian physician and politician. He is the vice chairman of the Freedom And Justice party. Formerly he was a member of the Guidance Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood. He was elected as a parliament member in the 2011-2012 Egyptian parliamentary elections. After the 2013 Egyptian coup, prosecutors ordered his arrest on 10 July 2013. On 14 July 2013 Egypt's new prosecutor general Hisham Barakat ordered his assets to be frozen. el-Erian was arrested by the government on 30 October 2013.


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Early life

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El-Erian was born on the 28th of April, 1954. He graduated from the School of Medicine with honors in 1977, and also received a Bachelor of Law from the same university. During his time at University, Erian was the secretary of the cultural committee of the federation of students of medicine at the College of Medicine at Qasr Aini in 1972, and then became the president of the general union for students of Egyptian universities. He earned a master's degree in Pathology in 1986 from Cairo University. He also earned a bachelor's in Islamic Studies and a bachelor's in History from al-Azhar University respectively in 1999 and 2000. El-Erian was enrolled for a medical doctorate at Cairo University and for a degree in common law at the same university, a program he did not complete due to his imprisonment.

In Muslim Brotherhood

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El-Erian was a prominent student leader in the 1970s and coordinated with other students, including Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh and Ibrahim El Zafarany to facilitate the entry of many small Islamic organizations into the Muslim Brotherhood. For many years he a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and served on its Guidance Bureau before being the vice chairman of the freedom and justice party founded by the Muslim Brotherhood.


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As a leader within the Muslim Brotherhood, El-Erian claims that he worked to ensure that the ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hassan al-Banna conformed with democratic principles, also he's known for his Sufi's tendency.


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El-Erian was arrested in 1981, during the famous September arrests that specifically targeted members of Islamist groups in large numbers. He was then tried in a military court for the members of the Muslim Brotherhood. He was imprisoned from 1995-2000, for a span of five years. the last one that he has been arrested was before the Friday of anger on 28 January 2011 during the Egyptian revolution.

Public Activities

He was elected as a member of the board of directors of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate since 1986 until now with being the assistant of the general secretary of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate.

Also El-Erian is a founder member of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights.

Comment on Egyptian Jews and lawsuit

In 2012 during an interview on Egypt's Dream TV, Erian called on former Egyptian Jews who had immigrated to Israel and their descendants to return to Egypt, and called for all Israeli Jews to return to their countries of origin, be it "Poland, Egypt, or anywhere", and also called for the return of Palestinian refugees. Erian stated that although his party was against Zionism, it was not against the Jews, stating that "they have a complicated history, but the Jewish motherland is not Israel". In response to Erian's comments, a lawsuit was filed on grounds that he was spreading false information potentially harmful to national security while in a position of responsibility, by inferring that Arab Jews are responsible for "occupying Palestine".


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