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Meaning  Behind the lime trees
Region of origin  Basque Country, Spain
Related names  Esquibel, Ezkibel, Ezquivelle, Ezquibel, Escivel, Escibel, Esquivelle, Esquível

Esquivel is a surname of Basque origin as well as a place name.



The last name Esquivel (or Esquibel) has its origins in the village of Esquivel, located in the ayuntamiento of Mendoza, Álava, in Euskadi.


Usually surnames were originated in the Basque Country as name of houses, being families known by the name of the house they inhabited once. Esquivel was originally spelled Ezkibel and evolved from the Basque words Ezki, which means lime tree, and Gibel, which means behind. Therefore, Esquivel means the house behind the lime trees.


  • Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize recipient
  • George Esquivel, shoe designer and craftsman
  • Laura Natalia Esquivel, teen actress and singer
  • Costa Rica

  • Aniceto Esquivel Sáenz, former President of Costa Rica
  • Ascensión Esquivel Ibarra, Nicaraguan-born former of Costa Rica
  • Juan Bautista Esquivel, soccer player
  • Mexico

  • Carlos Esquivel, Mexican footballer
  • Juan García Esquivel, Mexican band leader, pianist and composer
  • Laura Esquivel, Mexican author
  • Spain

  • Emilio Morote Esquivel, novelist
  • Juan de Esquivel, explorer, first governor of Jamaica
  • Juan Esquivel Barahona, composer
  • Miguel de Álava y Esquivel, General and statesman
  • Other

  • Celso Esquivel, Paraguayan soccer player
  • Manuel Esquivel, former Belizean Prime Minister
  • Rafael Esquivel, former Venezuelan Football Federation directive.
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