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Espoir: Sierra de Teruel

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6.8/10 IMDb

Music by  Darius Milhaud
Initial release  13 June 1945 (France)
2.8/5 AlloCine

3.5/5 MyMovies

Cinematography  Louis Page
Espoir: Sierra de Teruel El Ocio del Pueblo EspoirSierra de Teruel
Directed by  André Malraux Boris Peskine
Produced by  Roland Tual Edouard Corniglion-Molinier
Written by  Max Aub André Malraux (novel: L'Espoir Antonio del Amo
Starring  Andrés Mejuto Nicolás Rodríguez
Directors  André Malraux, Boris Peskine
Characters  Attignies, Commandant Pena, Pilot Marquez, Schreiner, Saidi, Capitan Munoz, González, Peasant
Producers  Édouard Corniglion-Molinier, Roland Tual
Screenplay  André Malraux, Max Aub, Boris Peskine, Denis Marion, Antonio del Amo
Cast  Andrés Mejuto, José María Lado, Pedro Codina, Julio Peña, Serafín Ferro
Similar  Mollenard, Love Cavalcade, The Spanish Earth, Madame Bovary, To Die in Madrid

Espoir: Sierra de Teruel (English title: Days of Hope or Man's Hope) is a 1938-39 Spanish-French black and white war film, directed by Boris Peskine and André Malraux. It was not commercially released until 1945. Malraux wrote the novel L'Espoir, or Man's Hope, published in 1937, which was basis for the film. The director won the 1945 Prix Louis Delluc award.


Espoir: Sierra de Teruel Cartula Caratula de Espoir Sierra De Teruel L39espoir

The crash of a Spanish Republican Air Force Potez 540 plane near Valdelinares inspired André Malraux to write the novel.

Espoir: Sierra de Teruel El Ocio del Pueblo

Different years are given for the film's completion. The novel was published in French in 1937 and in English in 1938. The film uses war footage from 1938 and was edited, and other scenes shot, during 1938-1939. It was finished in July 1939 and shown twice in Paris, but the Francoist regime applied pressure to censor it. All known copies were destroyed during World War II, since both Spain and France were ruled by Fascist regimes sympathetic to the forces that shot down the plane. A copy was found and the film was released again in 1945. In Spain, it was banned and was not screened until 1977, after the death of dictator Franco.


Espoir: Sierra de Teruel El Ocio del Pueblo EspoirSierra de Teruel

Spanish Republican forces fight against the better-equipped Francoist armies in the desolate Sistema Ibérico mountains of the Province of Teruel in 1937.


  • Andrés Mejuto ... Captain Munoz
  • Nicolás Rodríguez ... Pilot Marquez
  • José Sempere ... Commander Pena
  • Julio Peña ... Anttignies
  • Pedro Codina ... Schreiner
  • José María Lado ... Peasant
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