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Escort vehicle

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An escort vehicle, also called a pilot vehicle in most areas, is an automobile used to escort trucks with large loads, convoys of large vehicles, guide motorists through construction sites, and assist aircraft in taxiing from the runway to the tarmac at many airports. In most instances, pilot vehicles are provided by companies that specialize in convoy escort, although escort duties are occasionally performed by police vehicles (especially for parades and funeral processions or shipments that require a high level of security during transit). (Some Escort Companies have special authority for Traffic Control thru State approval) "May or may not have flashing strobe lights other than Amber or White" (Green and or Red) depends on job duties.


Oversize vehicle escorts

Pilot/Escort vehicles are Public Safety Vehicles, they are also considered a warning device to forewarn the public of a potential danger. Usually equipped with a C.B. Radio, or other Two way Radios to communicate with each other. On a two lane road, a load with one escort takes position in front of the load being escorted, on a four or more lane road the escort then transitions behind the truck being escorted. Depending on the size of the load, the load may require more escorts, usually one in the front and one in the rear. For overwidth or overheight trucks one escort vehicle will drive 2500' to 1 miles ahead of the truck to ensure the road ahead can accommodate the truck's oversize dimensions. This lead vehicle is usually equipped with a long pole (High-Pole) that extends upward from the front bumper; its length is adjusted six to eight inches above the height of the truck's load or the tallest part of the load within a convoy. If the pole strikes any overhanging objects such as bridges, overhead signs, or power lines, the truck or convoy can be alerted and stopped or diverted long before an accident occurs. In Australia all oversize equipment is imported in pieces on cargo ships; the components are then loaded onto trucks that are powerful enough to haul the extremely heavy machinery. In New South Wales, oversize trucks are only allowed to operate between 11 pm and 5 am. If the truck is still in transit by 5 am, it must by law pull over to a safe area and wait until 11 pm to continue its journey. Along the predetermined route (Already safe-proof from narrow roads and low objects through many years of transportation of heavy oversize machines) the front escort must have amber safety lights that can be seen from 360° and from at least 500 feet. A sign displaying "Oversize Load" must be on the front and the rear of the escort vehicle, or one sign that displays "Oversize Load" on both sides may be mounted on top of the vehicle, the sign must be at least 5 feet wide and 12 inches high, with eight inch letters with a 2-inch brush stroke. The front escort is to ensure that oncoming vehicles are warned of the oversized load approaching. Because it is illegal for the Front Pilot/Escort to cross the line into the oncoming lane, it can be difficult to get the traffic to stop for something such as a narrow bridge, so the front escort usually goes far enough in advance to warn the truck driver via C.B. Radio about the oncoming traffic so the driver can stop before the bridge until the front driver relays back to the driver that it is safe to cross with out the fear of oncoming Traffic. The Rear Pilot/Escort may perform duties such as staying in one or more lanes other than the lanes that the truck and load are occupying to block traffic off while the truck and trailer make their turn. The rear Escort may also make sudden lane changes, this is usually because the truck needs to change lanes because of a lane ending or obstruction in the road ahead, or one or more vehicles parked on the shoulder of the road, such as police or towtruck. If the escort moves over, it is a safe bet that you should as well. (Some Escort Companies have special authority for Traffic Control thru State approval) "May or may not have flashing strobe lights other than Amber or White" (Green and or Red) depends on job duties.

Aircraft escort vehicles

Some of the more crowded airports use escort vehicles to guide arriving planes taxiing from the runway to the tarmac and departing planes from the parking area to the runway. also t drive pilots from 1 place to any airport IN an emergency.


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