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Escape from Hong Kong Island

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Genre  Comedy, Drama
Running time  1h 31m
Country  Hong Kong
6.6/10 IMDb

Director  Simon Lui
Writer  Simon Lui
Language  Cantonese
Escape from Hong Kong Island movie poster
Release date  23 September 2004 (2004-09-23)
Genres  Comedy, Black comedy, World cinema, Chinese Movies
Cast  Jordan Chan, Chapman To, Paul Wong (Mugger), Coco Cheung, Chapman Ho
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Escape from Hong Kong Island (墨斗先生) is a 2004 black comedy film made in Hong Kong, directed by Simon Lui, and starring Jordan Chan.


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Raymond Mak is a talented and brilliant investment consultant working on Hong Kong island, and this talent has provided Raymond with an abundant lifestyle. However, it cultivated an arrogant and heartless sociopathic vain attitude in him: he even spat in a "blind" beggar's money pot (Tats Lau), and has neglected his family who were reduced to substandard impoverished living. He has ignored repeated phone calls from the head nurse caring for his ailing mother for nine months, as she descends into geriatric dementia. He is accosted during one morning rush by a young businessman in dire distress. The young man had been robbed, and has no means to cross Hong Kong harbour, back to the mainland at Kowloon. He pleads for HK$20 for MTR fair, as presumably his Octopus card was in his wallet.

Raymond ignores the young man coldly, and continues on his way to the office, where he finds out to the glee of his manager and co-workers that he had been fired, the previous night, for embezzlement and costing to much upkeep for the company. Raymond, in typical sociopathic manner, demands an explanation and cites his hard work, and even goes so far to claim that he was wronged, true to his warped sense of reasoning. The Boss, explodes in a tirade of buried trauma after years of Raymond abusing him and his co-workers in a tyrannical manner, "Everbody, even the cleaner all fear you!".

Being terminated at his job does not faze the arrogant Raymond, as he dramatically makes a phone call to a rival investment company across the harbour in Kowloon, whose boss has been trying for years to convince Raymond to defect. "This book of 10 years worth of contacts is now your enemy", he taunts one of his co-workers, as he leaves. Mr Logan, the rival, however urges Raymond to hurry and cross over to Kowloon, by 5 o'clock as he has to fly to New York. Mak assures Mr. Logan that he will be there in 1 hour; however he is robbed in an alley. He needs HK$20 to cross the harbour to Kowloon....

Cast and roles

  • Jordan Chan - Raymond Mak
  • Nelson Cheung - Waitor
  • Cheung Tat-Ming - Raymond's Bro
  • Coco Chiang - Candy Lo
  • Jim Chim - Bank Employee
  • Fung Li - Nurse
  • Vincent Kok - Video Shop Owner
  • Emily Kwan - Passenger on taxi
  • Wayne Lai - Lost property Police Officer
  • Tats Lau - Beggar
  • Law Kar-ying - Boss
  • Leung Wing-Chung - Sperm Bank Director
  • Li Fung
  • Monica Lo - Lucy
  • Tin Kai Man - Buddhist Taxi Driver
  • Chapman To - Policeman
  • Wong Chun-Chun - Raymond's Sis
  • Wong Koon Chung - Mugger
  • Wong Kar-Keung - Bus Driver
  • Yip Sai-Wing - Raymond's Coworker
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