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Erwinia psidii

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Kingdom  Bacteria
Family  Enterobacteriaceae
Scientific name  Erwinia psidii
Rank  Species
Class  Gamma Proteobacteria
Genus  Erwinia
Phylum  Proteobacteria
Order  Enterobacteriales
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Similar  Erwinia, Brenneria, Puccinia psidii, Eupseudosoma, Erinnyis ello

Erwinia psidii is a Gram-negative bacterium and a phytopathogen of the Common Guava (Psidium guajava), causing rot in branches, flowers and fruits. Recently, it was demonstrated that this species produces two acyl-homoserine lactones (S-(-)-N-hexanoyl- and N-heptanoyl-homoserine lactone), widely recognized bacterial quorum sensing signaling substances, and employed in bacterial cell-to-cell communication systems.


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