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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Squamata
Family  Colubridae
Scientific name  Erpeton
Rank  Genus
Phylum  Chordata
Suborder  Serpentes
Subfamily  Homalopsinae
Higher classification  Homalopsinae
Erpeton wwwreptariumczcontentphotord00Erpetontenta
Similar  Snake, Reptile, Colubridae, Homalopsinae, Homalopsis

Tentacled snake erpeton tentaculatum

Erpeton is a genus of water snake of the family Colubridae, which includes a single known species, the tentacled snake, Erpeton tentaculatum, which is native to South-East Asia. They are aquatic and extremely fast in catching their prey, small fish. The snakes accomplish the capture of their prey by cheating on a C-start escape reflex of the fish: after a fish approaches, the snake bends, and makes a quick movement with a measured segment of its body, startling the fish exactly in the direction of snake's head.


Erpeton Erpeton Wikipedia

Tentacled snake erpeton tentaculatum

Erpeton Erpeton tentaculatus The tentacled snake Erpeton tentacul Flickr
Erpeton Tentacled Snake Erpeton tentaculatum at Woodland Park Zo Flickr
Erpeton Erpeton tentaculatum The Reptile Database
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Erpeton Wikipedia

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