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Erotic Massage (album)

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Released  1997
Artist  Dog Fashion Disco
Length  53:51
Release date  1997
Erotic Massage (album) httpsimgdiscogscomYvYwoVGt3EAUSPL3GgvKAxoL4w
Recorded  May - December 1996 Jamhouse Productions Wheaton, MD
Label  Self-released Razor to Wrist (2013 remaster)
Erotic Massage (1997)  Experiments in Alchemy (1998)
Genres  Avant-garde metal, Experimental rock
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Erotic Massage is the title of Dog Fashion Disco's debut album, released in 1997.


Track listing

The Hidden Track is track number 27 on the original CD. Tracks 13 - 26 are blank. Tracks 2, 5 and 12 have appeared on later Dog Fashion Disco albums, in slightly different forms. Track 9 was covered by The Alter Boys. All other tracks are unique to this album, and as such, relatively difficult to find due to their out of print nature. It was announced in January 2017 that a remastered version will be released


The album was released independently by the band in 1997. Like the following album, Experiments in Alchemy (also independent), the studio quality is rather poor. An original copy is worth upwards of $100 on eBay, or can be found in an online download, as it has never been re-released. However, a remastered version (with alternative album art) was released exclusively on vinyl LP for VIP members to the band's reunion which took place on May 31st and June 1st 2013. This LP does not include the hidden "Track 27".



  • Todd Smith - Vocals & Guitars
  • Greg Combs - Guitars
  • Steve Mears - Bass
  • John Ensminger: Drums
  • Josh Gifford: Trumpet
  • Dave Sislen: Saxophone
  • Additional Personnel

  • Geoff Stewart: - Saxophone/Flute
  • James Halsey: - Synthesizer/Moog
  • Ken Willard: - G. Eye Joe sample
  • Songs

    1The Christian Dance Song4:35
    2G Eye Joe3:20


    Erotic Massage (album) Wikipedia

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