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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Boraginaceae
Scientific name  Eriodictyon
Rank  Genus
Order  (unplaced)
Subfamily  Hydrophylloideae
Higher classification  Hydrophylloideae
Eriodictyon Eriodictyon crassifolium Felt leaved Yerba Santa
Lower classifications  Eriodictyon californicum, Eriodictyon crassifolium, Eriodictyon trichocalyx, Eriodictyon angustifolium, Eriodictyon altissimum

Eriodictyon angustifolium yerba santa

Eriodictyon is a genus of plants within the Hydrophylloideae subfamily of the borage family, Boraginaceae.


It includes yerba santa (Eriodictyon californica), along with other similarly named plants. Yerba santa means "sacred herb" in the Spanish language.

Eriodictyon Yerba Santa Eriodictyon Californicum Overview Health Benefits

Species include:

  • Eriodictyon altissimum — Indian Knob mountainbalm
  • Eriodictyon angustifolium — Narrow-leaved yerba santa
  • Eriodictyon californicum — California yerba santa
  • Eriodictyon capitatum — Lompoc yerba santa
  • Eriodictyon crassifolium — Thick-leaved yerba santa
  • Eriodictyon parryi — Poodle-dog bush
  • Eriodictyon tomentosum — Woolly yerba santa
  • Eriodictyon traskiae — Pacific yerba santa
  • Eriodictyon trichocalyx — Hairy yerba santa

  • Eriodictyon Wildflowers NPS CABR NM Eriodictyon crassifolium var nigrescens

    Pct video 22 5 25 14 eriodictyon parryi or poodle dog bush

    Eriodictyon Eriodictyon
    Eriodictyon Yerba Santa
    Eriodictyon wwwworldbotanicalcomimagesEriodictyoncrassifo


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