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Erik of het klein insectenboek

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Director  Gidi van Liempd
Music director  Ellert Driessen
Language  Dutch
5.6/10 IMDb

Genre  Adventure, Family, Mystery
Running time  1h 37m
Country  Netherlands
Erik of het klein insectenboek movie poster
Release date  9 December 2004
Writer  Godfried Bomans (novel), Cecilie Levy (screenplay), Gidi van Liempd
Initial release  December 9, 2004 (Netherlands)
Screenplay  Gidi van Liempd, Cecilie Levy
Cast  Georgina Verbaan (Mevrouw Mug), Lenette van Dongen (Juffrouw), Anne-Mieke Ruyten (Moeder Erik), Hugo Haenen (Vader Erik), Gregor Frenkel Frank (Opie)
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Erik of het klein insectenboek

Eric in the Land of the Insects, originally called Erik of het klein insectenboek (English: Erik or the small book of insects) in Dutch, is a 1941 Dutch children's novel by Godfried Bomans. It is widely seen as a children's classic and Bomans' magnum opus.


Erik of het klein insectenboek movie scenes

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Erik of het klein insectenboek movie scenes

Erik Pinksterblom is a little nine-year-old boy who lies in bed at night, worried about a test about insects he has to perform at school tomorrow. Suddenly the paintings in his bed room come alive, including one depicting a meadow full of insects. Erik climbs into the painting where he meets several anthropomorphic insect characters.

Erik of het klein insectenboek movie scenes

First he meets a snobbish and rich family of wasps. They despise bees, because they work for people and use flies as string instruments. Erik has dinner with them, but is forced to leave the party early when he recites a poem about the "busy bee" and causes a house fly, whom he played as a musical instrument, to accidentally die. A bumblebee who claims to be a philosopher brings him to a hotel, made from a huge snail's house. Erik surprises everybody by reciting interesting facts about insects he read in a natural history book. While all the insects are amazed they are also scared often doing anything if it's not reported in the book. Erik can comfort them by telling them they just have to follow their natural instincts.

Erik of het klein insectenboek movie scenes

In one of the hotel rooms a maggot changes into a butterfly. Erik and him escape from the hotel. Later the butterfly meets a female butterfly with whom he falls in love. Erik helps him write a poem for her and eventually the couple gets married, leaving Erik alone. As Erik walks through the forest he gets into a fight with a spider. Seriously wounded Erik is dragged away by a burying beetle. The beetle considers himself to be the most important animal because all creatures live and die to serve as his dinner. His theory is destroyed when his entire family turns out to have been eaten by a mole. Erik then meets a rain worm who is stuck in a knot. The worm also thinks he is superior to all the others, because he is able to see without having any eyes. Despite this Erik still needs to find somebody who can untie him. As Erik searches for help he is adopted by an ant colony. He once again amazes them with his knowledge about insects, but gets homesick and asks them to bring him back. While the ants travel along with them to the edge of the painting they meet another ant army, whereupon a large battle takes place.

Erik of het klein insectenboek movie scenes

Then Erik wakes up. Despite being back home he starts to notice that humans are much like the insects he met, which disappoints him. He longs to get back to the meadow, but the paintings in his bedroom never get back alive. During his school test he tells all kinds of things about the insects he met that night and fails as a result. He is even forced to stay in detention.


Erik of het klein insectenboek movie scenes

The book is seen as Bomans' most famous and acclaimed work. Right from the start it was a tremendous bestseller, with ten reprints in the first year. The story both appealed to children as well as adults due to its satirical levels.

Erik of het klein insectenboek movie scenes

In 1994, the book was translated into English as Eric in the Land of the Insects by Regina Louise Kornblith.

In 2013, the book was the central book in the Nederland Leest (Netherlands Reads) campaign of the CPNB.


In 1979, 1995 and 2007 the story was adapted into a television series.

In 1990 the novel was adapted into a comic book by Luc Morjaeu.

In 1992 Peter Drost adapted the story into a solo theater performance. A theater group called "De Jonge Honden" also adapted the story into the play "Insect" (2008).

In 2004 a film adaptation, Erik of het klein insectenboek, was made by director Gidi van Liempd. This film adaptation was also made into a TV series in 2007.


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