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Ericameria nana

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Kingdom  Plantae
Tribe  Astereae
Scientific name  Ericameria nana
Rank  Species
Order  Asterales
Genus  Ericameria
Higher classification  Ericameria
Ericameria nana
Similar  Ericameria, Ericameria discoidea, Ericameria fasciculata, Daisy family, Ericameria pinifolia

Ericameria nana is a North American species of flowering shrub in the daisy family known by the common names dwarf goldenbush and rubberweed. It is native to the western United States from eastern California, southeastern Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and southwestern Montana.

Ericameria nana grows along cliffs and rocky hillsides. This is a small shrub rarely reaching a maximum height of 50 cm (20 inches). It is covered in a foliage of sticky, curved, somewhat fleshy leaves about 1 centimeter (0.4 inches) long. The tips of its erect branches hold dense inflorescences of tiny flower heads with cream white to yellow disc and ray florets.


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