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Ericameria discoidea

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Kingdom  Plantae
Tribe  Astereae
Scientific name  Ericameria discoidea
Rank  Species
Order  Asterales
Genus  Ericameria
Higher classification  Ericameria
Ericameria discoidea httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Similar  Ericameria, Daisy family, Ericameria parryi, Ericameria fasciculata, Ericameria cuneata

Ericameria discoidea , called whitestem goldenbush or sharp-scale goldenweed or whitestem goldenbush or sharp-scale goldenweed, is a species of flowering shrub in the daisy family known by the common name whitestem goldenbush. This plant is native to the western United States from California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and Montana.

Ericameria discoidea grows in clumpy thickets on rocky slopes. It is a small shrub reaching a maximum height of 40 centimeters (16 inches). It has many erect branches covered in a foliage of oval-shaped leaves coated in dense white woolly fibers and tiny stalked resin glands. Atop each short branch is an inflorescence of many flower heads, each packed with sometimes as many as 70 disc florets that bloom in golden yellow and wilt to a rusty orange. There are no ray florets.


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