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Eric Neumayer

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Eric Neumayer


United Kingdom

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February 14, 1970 (age 53) Germany (

London School of Economics and Political Science

Notable awards
Philip Leverhulme Prize (Geography, 2003)

Alma mater
London School of Economics and Political Science, Saarland University, University of London

Geography, Political Science, Environmental economics

Weak Versus Strong Su, The pattern of aid giving, Greening Trade and Investment, Arab‑related Bilateral and Multil

Green growth: the transition to a sustainable economy

Eric Neumayer (born 1970 in Zweibrücken) is a Professor of Environment and Development at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and is Vice-Chair of the School's Appointments Committee. He holds a Diplom in Economics from the Saarland University, a Master of Science in Development Studies from LSE and a PhD from the University of London. In 2003, he was awarded a Philip Leverhulme Prize in Geography. He is an Associate of the Center for the Study of Civil War at the Peace Research Institute Oslo.


He is the author of three books: Weak versus Strong Sustainability: Exploring the Limits of Two Opposing Paradigms, The pattern of aid giving: the impact of good governance on development assistance, and Greening trade and investment: environmental protection without protectionism. Together with Giles Atkinson and Simon Dietz, he is the editor of the Handbook of Sustainable Development.

Selected journal publications

  • Conditional Spatial Policy Dependence: A Theoretical and Methodological Guide (with Thomas Plümper), Comparative Political Studies, 47 (5), 2012, pp. 819-849
  • A Trend Analysis of Normalized Insured Damage from Natural Disasters (with Fabian Barthel), Climatic Change, 113 (2), 2012, pp. 215-237
  • Normalizing Economic Loss from Natural Disasters: A Global Analysis (with Fabian Barthel), Global Environmental Change, 21 (1), 2011, pp. 13-24.
  • Earthquake Propensity and the Politics of Mortality Prevention (with Philip Keefer and Thomas Plümper), World Development, 39 (9), 2011, pp. 1530-1541.
  • Spatial Effects in Dyadic Data (with Thomas Plümper), International Organization, 64 (1), 2010, pp. 145-166.
  • Model Specification in the Analysis of Spatial Dependence (with Thomas Plümper), European Journal of Political Research, 49 (3), 2010, pp. 418-442.
  • International Terrorism and the Clash of Civilizations (with Thomas Plümper), British Journal of Political Science, 39 (4), 2009, pp. 711-734.
  • Famine Mortality, International Food Aid and Rational Political Inactivity (with Thomas Plümper), World Development, 37 (1), 2009, pp. 50-61
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