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Erdao District

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Sub-provincial city  Changchun
8  Jiutai
Local time  Sunday 7:43 AM
Province  Jilin
Time zone  China Standard (UTC+8)
Area  965 km²
Population  619,940 (2010)
Erdao District
Country  People's Republic of China
Changchun district map  Subdivisions of Changchun, Jilin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Core 1 Nanguan 2 Kuancheng 3 Chaoyang 4 Erdao 5 Luyuan Suburban 6 Shuangyang Satellite 8 Jiutai 9 Yushu 10 Dehui Rural 7 Nong'an Co.
Weather  -2°C, Wind W at 13 km/h, 61% Humidity
Points of interest  Lianhuashan Ski Resort
University  Changchun Normal University

Erdao District (simplified Chinese: 二道区; traditional Chinese: 二道區; pinyin: Èrdào Qū) is one of six districts of Changchun, the capital of Jilin province, People's Republic of China. It borders Jiutai to the north and east, Shuangyang District to the south, Nanguan District to the southwest, Kuancheng District to the northwest, as well as the prefecture-level city of Jilin to the southeast.


Map of Erdao, Changchun, Jilin, China

Administrative divisions

There are 7 subdistricts, 2 towns, and 3 townships.


  • Heshun Subdistrict (和顺街道), Dongsheng Subdistrict (东盛街道), Rongguang Subdistrict (荣光街道), Jilin Subdistrict (吉林街道), Dongzhan Subdistrict (东站街道), Yuanda Subdistrict (远达街道), Balibao Subdistrict (八里堡街道)
  • Towns:

  • Sandao (三道镇), Quannongshan (劝农山镇)
  • Townships:

  • Yingjun Township (英俊乡), Sijia Township (四家乡), Quanyan Township (泉眼乡)
  • References

    Erdao District Wikipedia

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