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Equipment of the Egyptian Armed Forces

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Equipment of the Egyptian Armed Forces

The Equipment of the Egyptian Armed Forces



Training Mortars

Artillery and Missile Systems

The Egyptian ballistic missile development program started in the late 1950s after the construction of Jabal Hamzah ballistic missile test and launch facility to conduct test fires on Al Zafir and Al Kahir SRBMs. The RS-120 Tactical Ballistic Missile Program is still in the developmental stage and should be shortly replacing the Frog-7 and supplementing the Sakr 80; by having a range of 120 km, it would be considered as an intermediate system between the battlefield range ballistic missile system and the theater ballistic missile system. Should, however, there be a dramatic change in its political climate and financial resources, Egypt possesses the technological and personnel resources to produce a Scud B/C and Project-T missiles.

Engineering Vehicles

  • PZM-2 Ditcher (36)
  • Amphibious bridging

  • BMK-T Bridging Boats (48)
  • BMK-130M Bridging Boats (48)
  • BMK-150M Bridging Boats (48)
  • Logistic Vehicles

  • ZU-23-2 upgraded twin 23 mm stationary or towed radar guided AA gun system (Manufactured locally) (650)
  • Presidential and Governmental (VIP) Fleet

    In addition to Air Force aircraft, a number of aircraft are directly under government control (Presidential Fleet), including:


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