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Epistrophe eligans

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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Insecta
Family  Syrphidae
Scientific name  Epistrophe eligans
Phylum  Arthropoda
Order  Diptera
Genus  Epistrophe
Rank  Species
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Similar  Epistrophe, Epistrophe nitidicollis, Dasysyrphus albostriatus, Eupeodes luniger, Epistrophe melanostoma

Epistrophe eligans pest enka

Epistrophe eligans is a European species of hoverfly.


Zweiband wiesenschwebfliege epistrophe eligans


External images For terms see Morphology of Diptera
Wing length 6·25-9·5 mm. Eyes bare. Stigma pale yellow.Tergite 4 with smaller yellow markings than tergite 3 or tergite 4 black. The larva is illustrated by Rotheray (1993) The male genitalia are figured by Dusek and Laska (1967).


Palaearctic . South Sweden to Iberia.Ireland East through Central and South Europe into Turkey and European Russia as far as the Caucasus.


The habitat is deciduous woodland and scrub, suburban gardens, parks. Found by tracksides, clearings. Flowers visited include white umbellifers, Acer pseudoplatanus, Cistus, Crataegus, Endymion, Euonymus, Euphorbia, Ilex, Prunus spinosa, Stellaria, Viburnum opulus. The flight period is April to June (earlier in Southern later at higher altitudes and northerly latitudes).The larva is aphid feeding on shrubs and trees.


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