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Ephraim Thompson

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Ephraim Thompson

Ephraim Thompson (October 28, 1859-April 17, 1909) was a well-known American elephant trainer.



Thomspon was trained by Stewart Craven.


Thompson was part of the Adam Forepaugh Show but since he was black, he was forced to remain in the background while Addie Forepaugh Jr. presented the acts. In 1887, he performed with Carl Hagenbeck's International Circus from April to September.In 1895, he was with Circus Salamonsky Moskau performing a tight rope trick between two elephants that were holding the rope. In 1902, he performed at the Blackpool Tower Circus in England. He eventually went to Europe with his act in the 1890s and 1900s. He actually had a somersaulting elephant in his act. the first great American elephant trainer.

Family life

Born October 28, 1859 in Ypsilanti, Washtenaw County, Michigan and died April 17, 1909 in Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt. He married Dolinda de la Plata née Roba in 1887 and had a son in 1889 named Leo.


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