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Epang Palace

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Province  Shaanxi
Phone  +86 29 8910 6995
Epang Palace

Address  China, Shaanxi Sheng, Xian Shi, Weiyang Qu, 红光路44号
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epang palace

The Epang Palace (E-pang Palace; also Ebang Palace or Afang Palace; simplified Chinese: 阿房宫; traditional Chinese: 阿房宮; pinyin: Āfánggōng; Wade–Giles: A1-fang2-kung1) in western Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China, was a palace complex of Qin Shihuang, emperor of China. Construction of the palace began in 212 BC. With the exception of its front hall, it was never completed according to findings by Chinese archaeologists.


According to David W. Pankenier, its dimensions during the Han are described by Sima Qian as constituting 693 m long × 116.5 m wide, its rammed earth foundation platform measures 1,320 m east to west, 420m north to south, and 8 m in height.

Since 1961, the site of the palace is listed as a Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level (1-151).

China s first emperor s epang palace ruins


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