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Eocheon Station

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Hangul  어천역
Revised Romanization  Eocheon-nyeok
Line(s)  Suin Line
Province  Gyeonggi Province
Hanja  漁川驛
McCune–Reischauer  Ŏch'ŏn-nyŏk
Opened  5 August 1937
Platforms in use  0
Eocheon Station
Location  410 Eocheon-ri, Maesong-myeon, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do
Address  Maesong-myeon, Hwaseong-si, South Korea
Similar  Darwol Station, Bubal Station, Gongju Station, Songdo Station, Choji Station

Eocheon Station is an abandoned railway station on the former Suin Line.



The Suin Line, and thus Eocheon Station, began operation on August 5, 1937, though the current building was not completed till October 2, 1975. Since the Suin Line ceased operations at the end of 1995, the building had fallen into a state of disrepair.


A new Suin Line, an integral part of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway, in currently under construction. It will incorporate a new Eocheon Station, which is due to open in December 2018.


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