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Entierro de la Sardina

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Entierro de la Sardina Entierro de la Sardina Fiestas De Primavera NativeSpain

Entierro de la sardina 2011 murcia burial of the sardine

The "Burial of the Sardine" (Spanish: Entierro de la sardina) is a Spanish ceremony celebrating the end of carnival and other festivities. The "Burials" generally consist of a carnival parade that parodies a funeral procession and culminates with the burning of a symbolic figure, usually a representation of a sardine. The "Burial of the Sardine" during carnival is celebrated on Ash Wednesday and is a symbolical burial of the past to allow society to be reborn, transformed and with new vigour.


Entierro de la Sardina El Entierro de la Sardina el fin del Carnaval en Asturias Viajablog

Many Spanish festivals end with ceremonies in which a symbol representing the excesses of the festival is burned or destroyed — although some have been lost, others have been revived. Similar celebrations include the "Fiesta del Judas", the "Burning of the Haragán" (la quema del haragán), and the "Burning of the Raspajo" (la quema del raspajo). The burning of an effigy represents a regeneration and liberation — the passage of the symbol through the fire represents a purging of the vices and a restoration of the order temporarily subverted during the festival; in ceremonies of symbolical burial, the theme is one of reflection.

Entierro de la Sardina Participa del Entierro de la Sardina en Murcia

El entierro de la sardina the burial of the sardine

Entierro de la Sardina El Carnaval de Santa Cruz celebra el Entierro de la Sardina Radio
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