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Enshi City

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Prefecture  Enshi
Time zone  China Standard (UTC+8)
Area code(s)  0718
Province  Hubei
Elevation  420 m (1,380 ft)
Postal code  445000
Local time  Saturday 10:46 AM
Enshi City httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Country  People's Republic of China
Weather  14°C, Wind E at 3 km/h, 68% Humidity
Points of interest  Tenglong Cave, Sidu River Bridge, Shennong Stream, Enshi Tusi City, Longlin Palace

Enshi grand canyon hubei china

Enshi (Chinese: 恩施; pinyin: Ēnshī) is a county-level city in and the seat of Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, in western Hubei province, People's Republic of China. The prefecture's legislature, executive and judiciary are seated here, as well as its CPC and Public Security bureau.


Map of Enshi, Hubei, China

The entire county-level city of Enshi has an area of 3,967 square kilometres (1,532 sq mi) and a population of 780,000.

Enshi grand canyon hubei china


The earliest records of Enshi start in 770bc. At that time the area was a State known as Bazi until 476b. From 475 to 221 it became a county, after which it was assumed into the Chinese Dynasties starting with Qin.


The city is built alongside the Qing River and is surrounded by forest-covered mountains. The city has many hotels, restaurants and spas. Restaurants here in general cater for Chinese tastes; however there is one western style restaurant called "Mac Home" in the city center. The food in Enshi is spicy and includes many "Hot Pot" style dishes as well as smoked pork and chirzo style sausage meat, spicy fried potatoes and lamb skewers.

There is a beautiful Forest Park in Enshi which offers splendid scenery and views of the city as well as an amusement park. there is an out-door cafe in the park with hammocks which sells fresh ground coffee. During the summer months there is white water rafting tours available on the river.

The City Center has a shopping district catering for most tastes. There is a local night club located under the "shelter bridge" called the "Soho Times". The Club hosts some local DJs and is well worth a visit.


In earlier 2013 Enshi's economy appeared to be booming with many multistory building construction sites in operation. The city is home to a busy college and University. Agriculture in and around the city is strong with almost all available land being used to grow vegetables. There are two hospital campuses in the city, many banks, supermarkets and shops. The city also has a tobacco factory.


Enshi has a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cfa), with short, cool winters, hot, humid summers, and high humidity year-round. The monthly 24-hour average temperature ranges from 5.0 °C (41.0 °F) in January to 26.7 °C (80.1 °F) in August, while the annual mean is 16.18 °C (61.1 °F). More than two-thirds of the annual precipitation of 1,470 millimetres (58 in) occurs from May to September. With monthly percent possible sunshine ranging from 12% in January to 50% in August, the city receives only 1,212 hours of bright sunshine annually; winter is especially overcast while July thru September is the sunniest period of the year.


  • Enshi Xujiaping Airport
  • Yiwan Railway
  • China National Highway 209
  • G50 Shanghai–Chongqing Expressway, which crosses the Qing River near the city over the Qingjiang Bridge.
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