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Energy in the Czech Republic

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Energy in the Czech Republic

Energy in the Czech Republic describes energy and electricity production, consumption and import in the Czech Republic.



Primary energy consumption per million people in 2008 was 50 TWh compared to other countries (TWh): Canada 93 (3103 TWh 33.3), USA 87 (26,560 TWh 304.5), UK 40 (2,424 TWh 61.4), Greece 31 TWh (354 TWh 11.24) and Poland 30 (1138 TWh 38.12).


OKD is a major mining company in the Czech Republic.

Most coal is used in the country of origin. In 2009 world coal export was 14% of coal production (836/5990 Mt). The Czech Republic was 10th top coal exporter in 2009 with 4 Mt. The top hard coal net exporters in 2009 were (Mt): Australia 262, Indonesia 230, Russia 93, Colombia 69, South Africa 67, United States 33, Vietnam 25, Kazakhstan 22, Canada 20 and Czech Republic 4.

Oil and gas

Oil and gas deposits in the Czech Republic are in Moravia. Gas pipelines include Gazela Pipeline and Druzhba pipeline from Russia to points in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Germany.

Electrical energy

According to IEA the electricity use (gross production + imports – exports – transmission/distribution losses) in the Czech Republic in 2008 was 67 TWh. Population was 10.4 million people. In comparison, in Portugal population was 10.6 million people and electricity use 51 TWh.

Nuclear power

There are two nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic

Renewable energy

In 2010 there was photovoltaics (PV) solar power 1,953 MW - fourth top in the EU. Kadaň Photovoltaics Plant is among large plants.

In 2010 there was 471 MW solar heating - 10th top in the EU.

In 2010 there was 215 MW wind power - 18th top in the EU.


In 2014, the emissions of carbon dioxide were 10.4 tons per capita. The EU average was 7.9 tons per capita. Czech Republic's emissions were comparable to those of Japan or the Netherlands.


According to Forbes list of billionaires (2011) Czech billionaire Zdenek Bakala ($2 B 2011) has made his wealth in coal business. Forbes ranked Zdenek Bakala (Net Worth$1.5 B) as richest Czech in energy business (coal) in 2013.

Bakala is the biggest player on the coal market in Central Europe. He has consolidated Polish mining markets into his company New World Resources.


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