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End of Greys

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Publication date  January – May 2006
Colorist(s)  Studio F
Main character  Rachel Summers
Publisher  Marvel Comics
Genre  Superhero
Penciller  Chris Bachalo
Writer  Chris Claremont
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Title(s)  The Uncanny X-Men vol. 1, #466-471
Inker(s)  Sandu Florea Jon Holdredge Rob Hunter Jaime Mendoza Victor Olazaba Sean Parsons Norm Rapmund Tim Townsend Al Vey
Letterer(s)  Joe Caramagna Virtual Calligraphy
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"End Of Greys" was a 2006 story arc featured in the Uncanny X-Men comic book series.


Plot summary

The story is focused mainly on the character of Rachel Summers who was finally reaching out to her deceased mother's relatives. She is just beginning to know her grandparents Dr. John Grey, and his wife Elaine Grey. The Greys plan for Rachel to be welcomed into their family, via a family reunion. However, unbeknownst to Rachel the Shi'ar Death Commandos of the Shi'ar Empire have branded her a galactic traitor, and in hopes of eradicating Phoenix once and for all, upon orders they descend to Earth, disrupt the reunion, and proceed to exterminate almost all of Rachel's relatives who carry the Grey Genome. John and his brother Brian Grey are incinerated in the attack. Some of the X-Men arrive but are too late to prevent more murders. Bekka Wallis, and Rachel's Uncle Liam are eaten alive by the Colony. Relatives Phyliss Dennefer, Roy Dennefer, Uncle Roger and Julian are all shot dead before they realize what is happening. The X- Men try to save the remaining relatives but soon a car accident occurs, and the entire Grey home is obliterated in the ensuing explosion with many still inside. In the rubble of what once was the Grey's home, the Imperial Guard gloat as Rachel realizes they have killed all of her relatives except for her, her brother Cable and her grandmother. Elaine verbally attacks Rachel and misplaces her anger on her, Charles Xavier, and her own deceased daughter Jean Grey. Black Cloak, the head of the Guard decides to eradicate Rachel with an optic blast but misses and accidentally strikes and kills Elaine. The X-Men succeed in driving the Guard away. Cyclops finds Elaine's body and grieves with Rachel who vows vengeance. Rachel then watches as Jean (White Phoenix of the Crown) takes her family into the White Hot Room.

Collected editions

The storyline was collected as a, now out of print, trade paperback and currently commands a large price on the secondary market.

The book :


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