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Enconcept E Academy

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Type  Tutorial school
Established  March, 1995
School district  Bangkok
Motto  English to the MAX
Opened  1995
Enconcept E-Academy
Principal  Dr. Dhammasak Ua-Apithorn

Enconcept E-Academy(Thai: th:โรงเรียนเอ็นคอนเส็ปท์ อี แอคเคเดมี่) is an English language tutorial school under the Office of the Private Education Commission, Ministry of Education, Thailand. Its main office is located at LearnBalance Building, Bangkok, Thailand.


Enconcept E-Academy was established by Mr. Tanate Ua-Apithorn and Ms. Arisara Tanapakit in March, 1995. Dr. Dhammasak Ua-Apithorn is General Manager.

The academy has 30 branches nationwide. It received its Internal Quality Assurance System Award from the Office of the Private Education Commission in 2009.

First era (1995-1999)

Enconcept E-Academy was established in March, 1995 at Soi Watphaitan, Bangkok. The school opened for upper secondary school level tutorial in subjects such as English, French, Social Studies, Thai, and Mathematics. It began with seven students but grew to 400. Later, it focused on the English language led by Ms. Arisara Tanapakit or Kru P’Nan.

In 1999, the academy started to compose music for English teaching based on Edutainment principle. The first song composed was ‘Kong Keaw’ (Be concerned with) and another song is ‘Noom Seven’ (A 7/11 guy). The teaching practice accompanied by the songs became popular among students. As a result, the academy produced more songs by combining vocabulary, conversation, grammar, and word roots into the songs. The songs usually talk about teenager lives such as love and fashion using folk song, hip-hop, pop, and rock. The songs were named Memolody, coined by blending ‘memory’ and ‘melody’ together. Now Enconcept E-Academy has more than 260 memolodies, covering more than 3,000 English vocabularies.

The number of students enrolled increased from 400 to 2,000 within 2 years.

While most of tutorial schools use mimeograph or paper copying, Enconcept distributed textbooks by offset printing. The Academic Division and Creative Division are the ones accountable for the learning materials. Some of textbooks were printed with a special color to be accompanied with a color filter paper which is used for Stereogram to cover English vocabulary items. The academy has produced approximately 200 English learning textbooks. At the end of 2009, Enconcept E-Academy had 30 branches.

Second era (2000-2007)

Enconcept E-Academy has provided live teaching and video recordings in a similar way to other tutorial schools. In 2003, the academy was the first tutorial school to employ the MPEG2(Super VCD) recording which gave a better visual display and sound than the VHS system.

In 2004, the academy developed the class recording system with DVD and installed the Smart Board system to increase learning efficiency since digital file formats could be used as teaching materials. Enconcept E-Academy has also developed Student Call Center, Learning on demand, server set-up, registration system and payment system to support the branch expansion.

In 2006, Enconcept E-Academy expanded its branches to 19 provinces, together 26 branches. In the same year, E-Live system was introduced into the instruction to broadcast the teaching and academic events to all branches over the country. By this way, the students would have a chance to interact with the edutainers and other students in different branches such as asking questions via SMS, Call Center, Web site, and E-mail. Furthermore, Enconcept initiated the use of Boost Back-up, CD Multimedia for practicing listening and speaking English with native speakers in a small amount of time.

Enconcept E-Academy has 35 branches:

Third era (2008-present)

In 2008 the academy invested 25 million Baht to build educational technology "SELF" (Student Extensive Learning Fitness), which is multimedia for learning English outside the classroom. It has a translation of the article and reads the article outloud with different accents of English. SELF facilitates listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

My Coach is an online program that enables communication between teacher and learners. A proficiency measure helps students recognize their level compared to other groups. In 2009, the Ministry of Education issued a temporary shutdown order to the tutorial schools to avoid the spread of H1N1 influenza virus. However, Enconcept E-Academy lessened the impact because SELF was used from the student's home. The academy has opened the Integrated TOEFL iBT Online Course in which students learn with high quality in visual and audio from homes.

School color and Philosophy

     The color is Reflex Blue and the philosophy is "English to the MAX" (อังกฤษเข้ม เต็มพิกัด)

List of Executives

  • Mr. Tanate Ua-Apithorn
  • Mr. Thanin Ua-Apithorn
  • Dr. Dhammasak Ua-Apithorn
  • Ms. Arisara Tanapakit
  • School quality standards

    Enconcept E-Academy is a private English language tutorial school with an educational management quality based on the Office of the Private Education Commission (OPEC). In 2009, OPEC awarded Enconcept E-Academy an Internal Quality Assurance System Award at Very Good level.

    Educational Technology

    The school uses the SmartBoard and E-Studio system, which allows broadcasting all over the country.


    To build an enjoyable atmosphere for students the course uses the "Memolody" songs in the classroom.


    The E-Live System and WAN Link(Wide Area Network) is used to broadcast teaching and academic events to branches over the country through a fiber optic system. This gives the students immediate interaction with other students in different branches such as asking questions via SMS.

    Student registration

    Student registration at Enconcept E-Academy can be accessed by telephoning through the Online Channel or buy going to any branch.

    In-house activities

    Apart from English language instruction, Enconcept E-Academy organizes activities for students as follows.

  • Think Beyond: An educational orientation activity held by Enconcept E-Academy. We have been doing this continuously since 2013. The objective is to prepare both parents and students with educational guidance and planning, along with successful learning trends from all over the world.
  • Success to the MAX: A celebration for our successful students who can advance their educational career to top schools and universities.
  • Home room provides an opportunity for students to talk or discuss about their lives or problems with their teachers or tutors intimately.
  • Educational guidance is provided to students in each semester with different names. For example, in 2007, the academy conducted "Success Navigator", and the faculty selection guidance.
  • English language contest "Enconept E-Mania Tournament"
  • Enconcept Memolody Singing Contest
  • English Poem Composing Contest
  • English Composition Contest
  • Course Closing Day
  • Social responsibility activities

  • English Program for CMU (year 2013) is a project between Enconcept and Chiang Mai university to build an English knowledge base for the students and staff of the Faculty of Medicine. (ข่าว :ประชาชาติธุรกิจ) (ข่าว :คม ชัด ลึก)
  • English in Action Course to enhance English skills for บัณฑิตวิชาชีพ, Chiang Mai university (ข่าว : บ้านเมือง)
  • (ข่าว : ประชาชาติธุรกิจ) (ข่าว : ฐานเศรษฐกิจ)

  • English teaching development for Business English course, Southeast Asia university.
  • Visible Love Project: A campaign to help bring awareness to eye donation in the society.
  • In popular culture

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