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Enchanted Garden

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Fantasy, Romance

First episode date
30 July 2012


Theme music composer
Boy Christopher Ramos

Final episode date
4 January 2013

Number of episodes

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Written by
Renato Custodio, Jr.Abi Lam-ParaynoAdrian HoCharlotte DiancoEl Ortiz

Directed by
Joel LamanganEric QuizonJoyce Bernal

Alex GonzagaAlice DixsonBB GandanghariRuffa GutierrezZoren LegaspiRufa Mae QuintoDaniel Matsunaga

Opening theme
"Ikaw Pa Rin" by Melbelline Caluag

Joel Lamangan, Eric Quizon, Joyce E. Bernal

Game 'N Go, Third Eye, Artista Academy, Babaeng Hampaslupa, Glamorosa

Enchanted garden

Enchanted Garden is a Philippine fantasy-drama TV series aired on TV5. It was aired during weekdays at 6:30 pm (UTC+8) and it had a weekly marathon during Sundays at 10:30 am with no commercial breaks.


Drama in cebu ft erwan heussaff traveling the philippines


Enchanted Garden is set against the entrancing garden world of Eden, parallel to the land of mortals where Queen Jasmina and her daughters Alvera, Valeriana and Quassia live. Alvera, Valerianna and Quassia are diwanis — the appointed guardians of all plants and trees. Jealousy separates the sisters as Valerianna discovers Menandro’s love for her sister Alvera. Menandro and Alvera’s love brings forth a child, Aya, who grows up in the mortal world.

The Garden of Eden

The second Queen of Eden in the series. As mother to the three Diwanis, she holds the power of mother nature and able to control earth, sun and water. Jasmina was once the head of the Council of Eden in her predecessor's, Queen Oleya, reign. As punishment for Oleya's suspicions, she and the Council dethrone Oleya and she was hailed as the second Queen. She fell ill because of the rivalry between Valeriana and Alvera

Cameo appearance

  • Angeli Nicole Sanoy as young Aya
  • Francheska Salcedo as young Gigi
  • Special participation

  • Luz Fernandez
  • Junnyka Santarin
  • Monarchs of Eden

  • Queen Oleya
  • Played by Nora Aunor
  • She is the first known queen of Eden. When Saulo and Jasmina punished Helvora by the use of the Shrine of Justice, she made a sanctuary on the world of mortals and renamed herself as Nana Sela. This is for refuge to Helvora's vengeance. Saulo and Jasmina didn't believe her but dethroned her.

  • Queen Jasmina
  • Played by Marita Zobel
  • She became the second queen next to Queen Oleya. Her early years as a queen proved how good she is. Her deeds gave a fruitful Eden and Nature. She had three daughters; Diwani Alvera, Diwani Valeriana and Diwani Quassia. She became ill because of Menandro's greed over her power. She died because of saving the mortal world from Valeriana's evil attacks.

  • Queen Alvera
  • Played by Alice Dixson
  • She ascended to the throne because her mother became ill. She is the 3rd known queen of Eden. Her short span of serving Eden as the queen was sabotaged by her sister Valeriana. She was dethroned because of giving birth to the fruit of the evil Menandro which is diwani Olivia.

  • Queen Valeriana
  • Played by Ruffa Gutierrez
  • The 4th and 7th known queen of Eden. She replaced Alvera as the next queen. She is the start of Helvora's vengeance. She ruled for several years serving Helvora and finding Olivia for Menandro to escape from the shrine's punishment. When the Diwani's Alvera, Quassia and Olivia together Michiko caught her in a fight they removed Helvora's evil presence to her. She was reinstated to the throne after Queen Olivia's decision of giving her the throne.

  • Queen Michiko
  • Played by BB Gandanghari
  • She is 5th and the next queen after Valeriana. The throne should be given to Olivia after removing the evil presence of Helvora to Valeriana. Unknown to the Diwanis, Michiko is one of Helvora's fruit that used Aya for entering the portal to Eden. She kills Olivia in a fight for the throne to have the opportunity to be the next queen.

  • Queen Olivia
  • Played by Alex Gonzaga
  • The 6th known queen of Eden. She became Queen after Michiko was defeated. Queen Oleya named her the next Queen of Eden before she succumbed to her wounds. She ruled for a short time before relinquishing her throne to Diwani Valeriana after realizing who she truly loves.

  • Queen Helfora
  • Played by Bing Loyzaga
  • The 8th queen who took the throne from Valeriana and crowned herself as the new queen. Helvora is the root of wickedness in Eden. She ruled in vengeance and evilness.

    Eden terminologies

  • Diwani
  • A, Queen Jasmina. This title can be passed by the Diwani mother to her daughter. Olivia / Aya, Diwani Alvera's daughter is also entitled a Diwani.

  • Eden
  • A land of the new beings where the edenians and edentors live

  • Edentor
  • A term for an Eden warrior or a male Eden creature.

  • Edenian
  • A term for female Eden creature.

  • Venga
  • An evil tree and servant of Helfora located secretly at the end-forest of Eden. It has black powers and was once used by Diwani Valeriana to own the heart and love of Menandro. The evil tree was a servant of Helvora who was once an Eden creature and guardian, punished by the council elders of Eden because of greed of power over the world of Eden. He was later killed by Helfora,thus regretting serving her. He told Bonsai about the whereabouts of the salangkays, the first one in the Servera, while the second in Hades.

  • Kartun
  • Also an evil tree and servant of Helvora. After Helvora ruled Eden, Kartun took the memory of Diwani Quassia, Kamagong, and Molave. He also took the being of Paco,making him a monster,

  • Helfora
  • The evil tree who opposes the good leadership to Eden of Queen Oleya. She is the mother of Bakun and Menandro.

  • Viña
  • A strand of hair made of vine that indicates a Diwani or a royal blooded Eden guardian.

  • Nima
  • An Eden word for niece.

  • Bundok ng Kaparis
  • A Mountain wherein Ella raised her wand and the Ice all over Eden melted

  • Duranggol
  • Evil creatures That appeared during the Ice Season of Eden. They ate many Edenians as well as Edentors.

  • Dambana ng Katarungan (Shrine of Justice)
  • A powerful shrine that gives justice to crimes of Eden guardians.

  • Salangkay (Wand)
  • A magic wand made of a tree-branch, holds the powers of sun, water and earth. Queen Jasmina's salangkay holds all of the environmental powers while her daughters has each of the three. Ella's salangkay was given to her by Olivia.

  • Dama
  • A term for the queen's maid.

  • Dragona
  • A creature that is made from fire formed into a human form. Kampupot and Santana are dragonas.

  • Tulay ng Katotohanan (Bridge of Truth)
  • A Bridge where the flowers tell the secrets who ever walk there.

  • Inang Kalikasan
  • The One Who Create Eden and help the edenians and edentors.

  • Hades
  • A place where Helfora hide the salangkay of Diwani Quassia and it's guarded by Santana.

  • Serbera
  • An evil place where Molave, Garita, Ella, Paco, and Diwani Quassia went to go to the Kingdom of Eden. Helfora also put the salangkay of Diwani Alvera in Servera. The Tulay ng Katotohanan can be found there.

  • Amborllia
  • The Amborillia is the moon in Eden.


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