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Empress Xiaojingxian

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Tenure  1722–1731
Issue  Honghui, Prince Duan
Name  Empress Xiaojingxian
House  Ulanara, the Step Empress
Successor  Empress Xiaoshengxian
Mother  Lady Gioro
Died  September 29, 1731
Predecessor  Empress Xiaoyiren
Empress Xiaojingxian
Born  May 13, 1679 (1679-05-13)
Spouse  Yongzheng Emperor (m. 1691–1731)
Children  Honghui, Zaiyi, Prince Duan
Similar People  Yongzheng Emperor, Empress Xiaogongren, Qianlong Emperor, Yunli

Empress Xiaojingxian (Manchu: Hiyoosungga Ginggun Temgetulehe Huwanghu; died 1731) was an Empress of the Yongzheng Emperor of the Qing Dynasty.



Empress Xiaojingxian was born of the Manchu Ula (烏喇) clan, a subgroup of the Nara clan, therefore she is also known as Lady Ulanara. Her clan was under the Plain Yellow Banner of the Eight Banners. Her personal name is unknown. Her father was Feiyanggu (費揚古), an interior minister who served in the Kangxi Emperor's imperial court.

Lady Ulanara married the Kangxi Emperor's fourth surviving son, Yinzhen, in 1691. Six years later in 1697, she gave birth to Yinzhen's eldest son, Honghui (弘暉). In 1722 the Kangxi Emperor died and was succeeded by Yinzhen, who became known as the Yongzheng Emperor. As Yongzheng's primary spouse, Lady Ulanara was instated as Empress and placed in charge of the emperor's other concubines.

Lady Ulanara died in 1731 and was interred in the Tailing Mausoleum in the Western Qing Tombs. The Yongzheng Emperor did not elevate any of his other spouses to the status of Empress after the death of Lady Ulanara.


  • Honghui (弘暉; 1697–1704), the Yongzheng Emperor's eldest son, posthumously granted the title of Prince Duan of the First Rank (端親王) by the Qianlong Emperor
  • Posthumous title

    Empress Xiaojingxian's full posthumous title is:

  • Empress Xiaojinggongheyishunzhaohuizhuangsu'ankangzuotianyishengxian
  • References

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