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Empire of the Senseless

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Released  1993
Producer  Ralph Jezzard
Genre  Indie rock
Release date  1993
Label  Epic Records
Empire of the Senseless httpsimgdiscogscomiG3CSCOcWJgRsplB0NgrvWOHQ
The First of Too Many (1991)  Empire of the Senseless (1993)
Artists  Senseless Things, The Senseless
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Senseless things homophobic asshole

Empire of the Senseless is an album by English rock band Senseless Things. It was released in 1993, and was produced by Senseless Things and Ralph Jezzard.


The mekons empire of the senseless

Track listing

All tracks composed by Mark Keds; except where indicated

  1. "Homophobic Asshole" (Ben Harding)
  2. "Keepsake"
  3. "Tempting Kate"
  4. "Hold It Down" (Morgan Nicholls)
  5. "Counting Friends"
  6. "Just One Reason"
  7. "Cruel Moon"
  8. "Primary Instinct"
  9. "Rise" (Song for Dean and Gene)
  10. "Ice Skating at The Milky Way"
  11. "Say What You Will"
  12. "Runaways"


1Homophobic Asshole3:53
3Tempting Kate4:06


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