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Emile Lahoud Jr

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Nationality  Lebanese
Parents  Emile Lahoud
Name  Emile Jr.
Religion  Maronite Christian
Years active  2000-present

Full Name  Emile Emile Lahoud
Born  21 January 1975 (age 40) (1975-01-21) Baabdat, Lebanon
Alma mater  Lebanese American University
Occupation  Politician and businessman
Spouse(s)  Sabine Tanbourgi (m. 2002)
Education  Lebanese American University

Emile Lahoud Jr., more commonly Emile Emile Lahoud, (born 21 January 1975) is a Lebanese politician and businessman.


Early life

Emile Lahoud Jr. was born in Baabdat, Lebanon on 21 January 1975. He is the eldest son of former Lebanese President Emile Lahoud and Andree Amadoni.


Emile Lahoud Jr. completed secondary education at International College in Beirut. He then enrolled at Notre Dame University (NDU). However, he transferred to the Lebanese American University (LAU) in 1993 where he obtained a bachelor of science degree in business marketing in 1997. Next, he began to study politics, international relations, economics, and social affairs at the graduate program of International Affairs at LAU. He received a master's degree there in 1999.


Emile Lahoud Jr. founded L and R communications, a media company, in 1999. He was elected as the deputy of Metn in August 2000 in the general elections. He was part of the list headed by then minister of interior Michel Murr, and his election campaign was managed by Elias Murr. This caused the protests by rival candidates led by then Lebanon President Emile Lahoud's first cousin, Nassib Lahoud. In 2000, he attended a memorial service for the late President-elect Bashir Gemayel. His participation in the ceremony was reported to make upset Syrian authorities. Emile Lahoud Jr. did not take part in the 2005 general elections.

He extended his company, L and R communications, to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria in 2006. It is argued that he monopolized the advertising market.

Personal life

Lahoud married Sabine Tanbourgi, daughter of Gilbert Tanbourgi in September 2002. He has two children, Emile and Emma. He is a swimmer and participated in 1988 and 1992 Summer Olympic Games.


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