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Elizabeth Markevitch

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Name  Elizabeth Markevitch

How can art become as widespread as music? | Elizabeth Markevitch | TEDxHECParis

Elizabeth Markevitch was born in France as daughter of the cellist Dimitry Markevitch and niece of the composer and director Igor Markevitch. Today she lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


Elizabeth Markevitch How can art become as widespread as music Elizabeth Markevitch

Elizabeth markevitch present ikonotv forum d avignon 2013


Elizabeth Markevitch Elizabeth Markevitch Leading Culture Destinations

With over 20 years experience, she has served in many roles across the industry: head of the art fund, Artemis; founder and head of the art advisory department of J. Henry Schröder Bank; and senior manager of the paintings department at Sotheby’s Geneva. Elizabeth also regularly collaborates, and occasionally curates, exhibitions and special art events. In 1999, she dreamed of bringing art out of the closed spaces that galleries are and making it accessible to a much larger public without necessarily jeopardizing artistic quality and integrity. She was one of the co-founders of Eyestorm - an online gallery allowing a whole new audience to access artistic content for the first time. Since, she focused on fostering and highlighting innovative ways of displaying art.


The 46664 - 1 Minute of Art to Aids project commissioned leading world artists to create one-minute films representing their vision on HIV/AIDS.

In 2007 she also published the book Adam au Chromaland which is a cartoon that integrates artworks in its story.

In 2006, she founded ikono, the new and innovative space of display and broadcasting media for visual arts. The first step to create this space was to launch ikono’s first television channel, ikonoTV, through the European satellite Astra. A year later, it was replaced by ikono’s second television channel, ikonoMenasa, broadcasting via Arabsat, Etisalat and du in the Middle-East and North African regions. End of 2011, ikono’s third television channel, ikonoTV Germany, started broadcasting through Entertain the television offer by Deutsche Telekom. Working with art historians, curators and cameramen, as well as directly with artists and art institutions, Elizabeth Markevitch, through ikono, strives to offer a most diverse and complementary artistic offer to the television audience but also added information and interactivity through the web portal

In 2009, she was made honorary president of the Meld art collective with the goal of using art to make the public aware of the dangers incurred by the earth. The group is calling on artists and scientists to produce awereness events (films, events around a mobile structure…).


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